Back on My Feet

I’m trying not to set myself up for disappointment, but I’ve had an amazing week.  My mood and spirits have improved and I’ve been back to exercising.  I feel so good when I’m moving.  And as weird as it sounds, if you’re feeling tired or fatigued, exercise actually helps fatigue and gets you energized. 

I can no longer get my butt out of bed at 5AM for a 5:30 AM workout.  Instead, I’m sleeping in and making game time decisions based upon how I feel after work about whether or not I feel like being active. 

I’m really excited that I’ve started running again.  After being sidelined for 4 weeks while I went through the IVF process and then taking another week off after chemo, my comeback was kinda rough.  Right now, I’m just focusing on rebuilding my endurance.  My pace is about 1 min 15 seconds/mile slower than normal, but who really cares about that.

I think my husband’s new-found healthy habits have also been motivating me this past week.  It takes a lot of creative scheduling to find time for us to both make it to the gym after work, get the dog walked, and have dinner at a decent hour, but we’re making it work. 

Here’s what I did this week:

Sunday:  5k Walk/run at Glasgow Park.  Walked 0.1 mile, ran 1.3 miles, walked 0.1 mile, ran 0.7 miles, walked 0.3 miles, ran 0.5 miles, walked 0.1 mile. 

Monday: Gym workout consisting of 35 minutes on elliptical and 15 minutes of strength training.

Tuesday: 4.2 mile run/walk on treadmill at gym.  Walked 0.1 mile, ran 2.0 miles, walked 0.2 miles, ran 1.5 miles, walked 0.4 miles.

Wednesday: Similar to Monday – 40 minutes on elliptical and 20 minutes of strength training. 

Thursday:  A fabulous 50 minute run/walk outside after work!  I am determined to take advantage of any opportunity I have to get a natural dose of Vitamin D!  I have no idea how far I went because I don’t have one of those fancy Garmin watches to calculate my distance and I was running along a scenic road that veered off onto a trail.  Here’s a lil breakdown based upon time: 5 minute walk (from where my car was parked at work to Creek Rd.), 21 minute run, 1 minute walk, 11 minute run, 3 minute walk, 4 minute run, 5 minute walk back to car.  I love running on Creek Rd – it’s so quiet and the road follows a creek that leads into a state park.

Part of my amazing run on Thursday - foot bridge veering off Creek Rd into White Clay Creek State Park

I’m taking Friday off (other than my 2 mile Jessie walks).  My boss needs a 4th team-mate for the Delaware Marathon Relay on May 15.  I’d basically have to run 1/4 of the marathon or just about 6.5 miles and the other ladies would each run 6.5 miles.  Under normal circumstances, I would jump at the opportunity.  I’m really eager to do it, but if all stays on schedule, the race would be 9 or 10 days after my last chemo treatment and I’m fearful that I wouldn’t have the energy and endurance to follow through.  I’m going to wait and see how I feel with treatment number 2 before I make any decisions. 

I also have an exciting lil project I’m going to tackle this weekend which involves a contest for me to enter, so stay tuned for details! Here’s a hint: Super woman may have to consider being Bat Woman first.

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8 Responses to Back on My Feet

  1. Courtney says:

    i don’t have a garmin thingy either… i like to use this application
    i think there are newer fancier ones, but it’s my old trusty.

    i know you know… the goal used to be able to be the min/mile, etc… but now it’s just going and going with whatever flow you have that day and giving yourself a big pat on the back for not just the workout but the awesomeness of going with the flow, which is tough for us planners!

    • You are so right Courtney – and I am really surprising myself, I’m listening to my body and letting my body tell me what it can/can’t do. I’ll have to check out that link. For road running, I usually use but I’m not sure about trails.

  2. Aunt Patti says:

    I’m very impressed with your determination!

  3. amyreinink says:

    I just read this the other day, about a training hiatus because of injury: “Remember life, and training is a constant process. There is no “I will never be injured again” and there’s also no “I will never get better.” All we can do is keep moving forward, accepting where we are and planning for where we want to go next.”

    Could apply to almost any obstacle, in running or life. There’s no “Nothing bad will ever happen to me again” and there’s no “this will never get better again.” There’s just the process, and you’re doing a wonderful job of appreciating the strength it takes to be where you are RIGHT NOW.

  4. Melissa Ouellette says:

    Hey Alexis….I just heard about everything that has been going on….I have been reading my blog and you seem tobe handling everything like a champ….I know I would never be as strong…..saw you were into running…..there is an app called RunKeeper that is a GPS thing for your phone and then links to the website once you register if you wanted to track your runs/progress, maps and then make street teams with running buddies… Hope everything continues to go well….I look forward to following your blog!

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