Anything Goes 2014

Happy New Year (belated)!  Its been four+ months since I’ve updated this blog.  Where to start?

I have declared 2014 as the year of relaxation and no plans for the Milam household.  The other night my husband posed two crazy questions/statements: 1. Are we having one or two kids?  2. The answer to question #1 would determine where/when we’ll purchase our retirement home!

I am really proud of how much time and effort my husband puts into our retirement investments (he spent several HOURS making spreadsheets and graphs the other day), but I seriously just need to get through the weekend and take a little time off from planning.

By this time last year, our 2013 calendar was filled with all kinds of activities and vacations (part of this was due to the fact that we had several out of town weddings).  In January 2013, I could open the calendar and seriously see things/events that were scheduled for each month throughout the end of the year.  Time to shift gears.  The past few weekends we’ve been having fun sleeping in and being lazy bums (sooooo unusual for me).  Bri calls it “Anything goes Saturdays.”  And since then I have adopted his term for the ENTIRE year – “Anything goes 2014.”  Let’s just go with the flow and see where this year takes us.  We’re still planning on actually doing fun things and spending time with family and friends, but its nice to kind of see what pops up each weekend and not always look so far ahead.

Health Related Updates Since Mid-September:  All of my follow-up doctor appointments went smoothly.  My annual mammogram and MRI were once again clear.  I celebrated 3 years cancer free on December 16th.   At each of my follow-up appointments, I discussed my intentions to stop Tamoxifen early to see if Brian and I can start a family (okay, so I have to admit that this part does involve a little planning).  All of my doctors are on board and support my decision.  I have one more doctor to meet with…I scheduled a ‘check-in’ appointment with my doctor at Reproductive Associates.  I am hoping that when the time comes that things will happen naturally.  But just in case I need to rely on our frozen embryos, I want to open up the lines of communication early and see what steps I should be taking (okay, you caught me – there’s a little more planning I’m doing, oops).

Overall, I really am trying to just sit back and relax.  I did not even write down one single goal for 2014 (although I do have one or two floating around in my head).  It is only January 25th, so we’ll see how long this mentality lasts!  Right now, I’m enjoying it!

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One Response to Anything Goes 2014

  1. Mandi says:

    Good planning is good. May you have an amazing 2014!

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