Life List

If you really know me, then you know that I love making lists.  What makes me feel even better is crossing stuff off my lists.  Everyone should have some lofty goals or dreams in life…whether it be to visit far off exotic places, excel in a line of work, or jump out of a plane, I’m sure we all have “the list.”  I’m happy to report that I’ve crossed some things off my list, but I still have a ways to go.  So I present to you in no particular order…

Own a house (May 2007)

Travel to Greece

Successfully make Gran’s pecan pie recipe

Fall in love and get married (Sept. 2006)

Learn my family history/make a family tree

Learn a second language

Get my masters degree

Acquire a taste for shrimp

Travel to Italy (Jan. 2001)

Be a mom

Tour Napa Valley

Start my own vegetable garden

Visit the Grand Canyon (1996)

Visit Niagara Falls

Sleep under the stars

Find an organization I love and become a volunteer

See the Eiffel Tower (July 2009)

Fly first class (1996 ish)

Fly first class again

Caribbean vacation

Run a 10 miler

Run a Half Marathon

Whale watch (Summer 2008)

Use my mountain bike

Conquer my fear of baking with yeast (2010)

Viva Las Vegas (Spring Break 2002)

Learn all the technical terms of football & watch a full game

Tour DC like a tourist

Own a beagle

Swim with dolphins

Zip line through the rainforest


Eat lobster in Maine

Drink beer in a biergarten

Finally pay off my student loans

Take a cooking class

Dress in matching/similar outfits and take a family photo

Try sushi


One Response to Life List

  1. Milinda R. Atallian says:

    You are One Brave Chic.
    Good luck tonight, I will be sending you good vibes at 5:30. I think that bald heads are beautiful!
    Forward Motion, you are awesome!

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