Superfriends Unite

I’m so blessed to have our “Souper Friends”, but I’m also really blessed to have 2 amazing “Super Friends.”  Super Friends Unite was on our menu board for last Saturday.

If you follow this blog and happen to read the comments or if you’ve ever followed my comments on Facebook, you’ve probably seen the name Jen and Amy a million times.  These ladies are literally my oldest and bestest of friends.   At 30 years old I was hoping that we’d grow out of it, yet these girls still call me “Sexi Lexi.”  All of Amy’s phone messages start, “hey sexi lexi, it’s Amy.”  Emails, FB messages, and birthday cards all are addressed to “Sexi Lexi.”  And they are the only 2 people in my life that I’ll allow to address me like that.

We’ve had some great times and super funny stories to reflect on.  Thankfully Amy is a writer with a photographic memory when it comes to conversations and stories.  She can basically recite any conversation verbatim from years and years ago (really who is that amazing).  Amy also has all these great motivational quotes from some of the fun people she’s had the opportunity to interview.  Jen is my social worker friend who can always put a non-clinical, yet realistic spin on the situation.  We all grew up in the same area in NJ and have a lot of history together – mostly good ol’ fashioned fun (way too much to even try to expand upon here).

So, when it came time to consider the inevitable and I realized that I would need to buy a wig, who better to come along then Jen and Amy.  These girls can definitely make a normal day extraordinary.  Unbeknownst to me, they had planned ahead and showed up with loads of silly pink purchases.  I was basically ambushed in pink.  Jen had spent the entire evening before “bedazzling” wine glasses (she even bedazzled a bag of dog treats for Jessie).  Amy attempted a 9AM liquor store run that morning to stock up on daiquiri mix – I find it hilarious that she literally banged on the door and was frustrated to find out they were closed.  People must have thought she needed a fix real bad.  Instead, I was surprised with Rose wine (tasted like pink vodka).  The pink pictures are posted on Facebook, but they really tell the story.  We added additional decorations to our bedazzled wine glasses.  We adorned ourselves with pink feather boas and pink slap bracelets and left for my appointment.  I was also given a pink ring (bling), pink feather-head piece, a tiara, honey crisp apples (pretend they were pink lady apples) and an official FBI hat that is pink.  Needless to say, I am still finding pieces of pink feathers everywhere in our house!

All decked out in pink!

My wig shopping experience was a little rough at first.  Amy said it best – we were dealing with a chain-smoking grandma.  She was a little abrasive, but I think she might have thought we were not serious about a wig purchase (we did walk in the shop decked out in feathers and bling).  First I browsed the show room – full of mannequin heads with wig samples.  Then I chose a bunch of styles that I liked.  Next I was taken into a private room and was given a skull-cap.  I looked like I was ready to rob a bank!

Chain smoking grandma eventually warmed up to us.  First you pick your style, and then you pick your color.  I tried on a bunch of different styles and eventually narrowed it down to 2 finalists.  Picking out the hair color was so hard though – mostly because you just have to use hair swatches and really use your imagination to envision the style paired with the color.  Most of the wigs have bangs.  I can’t remember the last time I had bangs (maybe 7th grade)?  However, the bangs didn’t look too bad.  I finally made my color selection and decided to go a little lighter since I like my hair light in the spring and summer.

Not sure when my wig (named Sassy) will make its big debut.  I know its silly, but every morning when I wake up, I immediately flip around to look at my pillow and see if there’s any hair that fell out.  I’m also very gentle when I’m washing my hair and drying it for fear that I’m just going to pull a big clump of hair out.  I know its coming soon, it’s just going to be scary when it actually happens.

In addition to Sassy, I’ve also purchased several head scarves.  I can’t cook or be near a BBQ with the wig (they literally melt), so I’ll need some backup head coverings.  Plus I think that sometimes I might feel more comfortable in a scarf than a wig (especially when it gets hot in the summer).  So I bought 4 scarves so far.  My mom is working on making me 4 or 5 and I bought 4 different patterns of fabric to try to make my own.

Thanks again Jen and Amy for making Saturday so fun!  And thanks Bri for babysitting Jen’s lil guy, Ryan,  so us girls could get all crazy.

P.S. Have you ever wondered what an adorable 9 month old boy would look like in pink?  Here’s a glimpse.  We’re so bad!

So cute and such a good sport!

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7 Responses to Superfriends Unite

  1. AndreAnna says:

    How awesome your friends are!! I remember Jen and she was so sweet – so glad she was there to help a difficult day a little easier. Thinking of you.

  2. Lauren says:

    Sounds like you had a fun weekend. Love the pink pics. Hope you are doing well and that your taste buds are getting back to normal.

  3. Aunt Patti says:

    Really good girlfriends are one of life’s greatest blessings! (Trust me–I have first hand knowledge of this fact!!)

  4. amyreinink says:

    Ohhh, sexi Lexi (I would have written that even without the mention above! 🙂 )! This made me all weepy, in the best way possible! Love you, and hope your two fellow “sassy females” can continue to be there for every step of your journey!

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