Overwhelmed by the Joy of Being Alive!

Here are some random shares from my world!

I am delighted when I can enter the online universe and find sites, news, blogs and stories that inspire me and capture my spirit.  So, I just thought I would share what I’ve encountered over the last few weeks in hopes that others might enjoy this too.

First off, has anyone seen Dove’s “Real Beauty” Sketches?  Please watch this video.  I had tears in my eyes.  It really brought me back to the time when I was bald and felt defeated.  I looked at myself in the mirror daily, but never really considered how others viewed me.

Moving on…As I was leaving for work the other morning and backing my car out of its parking spot, I heard this really loud ‘beeeeeeeeeeeeeep’ which stopped me dead in my tracks.   Before backing out, I had looked in my rearview mirror, then over my left shoulder, over my right shoulder and again to the left.  However, when I looked to the left the second time I noticed an unfamiliar van idling in the empty parking spots and it caught my attention.  So, in the time delay that occurred between my short fixation on the van and when I actually put my car in reverse , a car had driven down my street and I almost backed into it.  The driver (actually one of my neighbors) had every right to lay on her horn, but I was still irritated because it was a long horn beep.  I recently came across the “Live Sincerely Project.”     I encourage you to check it out as well.  Instead of getting all worked up over my neighbor’s car horn, I have decided that if I see her, I will sincerely apologize.  I am thankful our cars did not collide and I did not injure/hurt anyone.


Just a funny picture I stumbled upon recently…kinda describes me perfectly!

Also, in the wake of the tragedy at the Boston Marathon, I’ll leave you with these snip-bits of inspiration.  I came across two other BC blog posts that also really affected me and made me stop and think. One, from Laura was quite simple and reminded me that “Life is Short.”   Some of my favorites from Laura’s post include: live your dream, share your passion, travel often.  These all are so so true!   Another blog post (make sure you have tissues handy) came via an email update and again reminded me that Life is Short.  I challenge you all to be “overwhelmed by the joy of being alive!”

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