Show Some Love Everyday

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine’s Day!  I don’t follow the “holiday” too much – I prefer to have every day be all about love!

Anyway, while reading blurps on MSN and Yahoo the other day, I came across a story about a doctor’s personal note to a man who lost his wife to breast cancer.  I’ve included the note below.  There are so many different things that you can take away from this little story.  Most people are just shocked that a busy ER doc took the time to write to the widowed husband.  What I seemed to focus in on was the love and support that the doctor noticed from the husband despite his wife’s circumstances.  It made me think a lot about my relationship with my husband.  Most days I just feel lucky to have someone to laugh with and be totally goofy with.  Bri has seen it all.

Bri doesn’t go all out with flowers, chocolates or expensive surprises on February 14th – and neither do I.  In fact his “Valentine’s gift” from me is a card and a small package of mini Reese’s peanut butter cups.  Oh and I also wrapped a banana in Valentine’s Day packaging and put it in his lunch with a note saying, “Sorry, I’m always driving you bananas!”.  To say every day is Valentine’s Day for us would be a lie.  But we’re happy, content and I couldn’t imagine only spending one day each year driving your spouse crazy showing your spouse how much they mean to you.  Its the everyday support and love that are my most favorite gifts.  Don’t mean to diss on those that actually do believe in and celebrate Valentine’s Day.  To make up for it, here are cute pictures of my two (yes two!!!) Valentines!  I’m not sure which one is more adorable (although my human Valentine does smell better)!

Bri 2


Doctor’s Letter:

Dear Mr. (removed),

I am the Emergency Medicine physician who treated your wife Mrs (removed) last Sunday in the Emergency Department at (hospital). I learned only  yesterday about her passing away and wanted to write to you to express  my sadness. In my twenty years as a doctor in the Emergency Room, I have never written to a patient or a family member, as our encounters are  typically hurried and do not always allow for more personal interaction.

However, in your case, I felt a special connection to your wife (removed), who  was so engaging and cheerful in spite of her illness and trouble  breathing. I was also touched by the fact that you seemed to be a very  loving couple. You were highly supportive of her, asking the right  questions with calm, care and concern. From my experience as a  physician, I find that the love and support of a spouse or a family  member is the most soothing gift, bringing peace and serenity to those  critically ill.

I am sorry for your loss and I hope you can find  comfort in the memory of your wife’s great spirit and of your loving  bond. My heartfelt condolences go out to you and your family.

(removed), MD

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