My Next Test/Procedure

Happy New Year!  I’ve been MIA for about a month or so.  So much is happening right now (lots of good stuff too), that everytime I think about writing something I just don’t know where to start.  I finally settled on my first post being sort of an update as to what’s been changing with my body.  It might not be too exciting for any male followers.  Soooooo…any readers out there ever have an “endometrial biopsy”?  Nope, me neither.  But, by this time next week I can say that I have.  And its all thanks to my favorite friend Tamoxifen.  Dear god, have I really only been taking this little white pill for 1 1/2 years?

And the reason for this procedure?  Eh, just (hopefully) to make sure that I’m normal and rule out any major problems (hmmm…rewind to November 2010 and that sentence sounds vaguely familiar).

In all seriousness, an endometrial biopsy is just needed to check the lining of my uterus.  Since going through chemo treatments and starting Tamoxifen, my body has not been functioning in a way that most 30 something year old women’s bodies should function.  Well, I guess it was a Christmas miracle or something because in mid-December everything changed.  Despite enduring an unusual amount of pain and light-headedness for 5 to 7 days, I was totally elated that my body was doing what its supposed to do.  And when I called my mom to tell her, I seriously thought she was going to throw me a party because she was so excited.  Well, my OB/GYN was not as thrilled.

My doc’s immediate request was that I schedule an ultrasound and then move on from there.  The Friday before Christmas I had a series of ultrasounds done just to take a look at all my insides.  The update from the nurse was that everything looked fine, but there were follicles on my ovaries which indicated that I’m ovulating (yippee)!  Again, the docs were not too happy.  As it was explained to me on the phone, my nurse and doc were concerned because Tamoxifen should be keeping me in a temporary state of menopause – so I should not be ovulating.  I was quite confused when given that information.

So, I was told that if anything else happened again that they would recommend the endometrial biopsy to really look at the cells on my uterine wall and see if there was something else causing the bleeding.  Low and behold, almost one month after my Christmas miracle, I found myself on the phone with my doc’s office scheduling this fun procedure.

I am still confused as to the hows and whys of everything that is happening right now.  I have only been in contact with my doctor’s nurse and I think (hope) the nurse tends to exaggerate situations.  I will definitely be spending some time with my doc next week to have all of my questions answered before she starts anything. I am not too concerned about the result or outcomes.  However, I’m starting to slightly freak out about the actual procedure.  It is done in office so I’m awake.  I had so much pain with my IUD insertions and I’m trying to mentally prepare myself for similar pain and discomfort.

I have been trying to scour the normal breast cancer sites (especially YSC) to find posts about women in my situation.  I really did not find anything that led me to believe my body is doing something that it shouldn’t be doing.  Some women go straight to menopause after chemo, other women continue to be regular even all through chemo and other women (like me?) stop and then start-up again.  When I called my oncologist’s office to give them an update regarding everything, they did not seem overly concerned.  Moving forward, my oncologist may recommend regular blood work to look at my hormone levels, but for now I can just wait until my appointment with him at the end of February to discuss the next steps.

I already know that patients respond differently to treatments and medicine, so I am more and more convinced that this procedure is really just to put all of our minds at ease and confirm that nothing is wrong.  And after reading all the ins and outs of what will actually be happening to me next week, I have decided that I don’t need to prove anything to anyone or try to be a superhero.   Luckily my medicine cabinet contains small bottles of “the good stuff” and I’ve cleared the schedule with my chauffeur  husband for that day.  Also, if I am going with the hard-core pain meds, having Bri present to also speak with my doc might not be a bad idea…I hope to have some good news and a healthy update.

And here’s my secret wish:  I wish that all my doctors would unanimously agree that Tamoxifen is really not doing me any good and recommend that I stop taking it.  Ha, I’ll keep dreaming!

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2 Responses to My Next Test/Procedure

  1. Mandi says:

    I had an endometrial biopsy a few months ago, it is nothing like getting your IUD in I promise (I have to get my IUD swapped in a couple of weeks, boo!). I also stopped during chemo and started back up again. I also had follicles that showed I was ovulating. From my understanding, having cycles decreases your chance of endometrial cancer. Good luck!

    • Alexis says:

      Hi Mandi!
      So glad to hear from someone who’s had this lil procedure and is in a similiar situation as me. I know someone else who had it done & she keeps telling me how awful & painful it is – ugh! I think I just need to tell her to keep quiet until its over and done with for me 🙂

      Anyway, thanks for the info & comment. I think this helped ease my anxiety somewhat. Good luck to you too!!!


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