Life Cycle of a Breast Cancer Blog

When I returned to school four years ago to pursue my MBA, one of the basic business principles most classes reviewed was the life cycle of a business.  The stages are basically development; intro/launch; growth; maturity and finally decline/exit.  Similiar to a business’ life cycle, I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the future of this blog.

It seems that everytime I consider an “exit” strategy, someone will email me to let me know that they’ve passed along my site to a friend, sister, mother, wife, etc who was diagnosed with breast cancer (and in some instances a different form or cancer).  And most of the time they’ll add in that my blog documenting my experience with breast cancer has been helpful in some way.

Once again, I’m finding myself back at square one and contemplating where to go from here.  I don’t want to delete any posts or the site because this has become almost like an online journal.  However, I don’t really know what’s next.  Would people really want to read about what I did last weekend or what I ate for breakfast?  Probably not.  Perhaps, women may find it comforting to read that my life has to returned to “normal” and maybe knowing that I’m spending weekends with friends and family or running a race will give them hope for their own return to normalcy while they’re going through their treatments?  Or, if I’m taking healthy initiatives to hopefully scare breast cancer from returning, others might want to read about what I’m doing.  Sometimes, I search the internet for other blogs to see where they left off or how they continue the momentum without putting readers to sleep.  I am not an expert in any certain area regarding this disease, I just started the blog as a way to document everything and keep my family and friends up-to-date with the status of my health.

Well, now that I know the Mayans were wrong and that the world is not ending today, I’m not sure what future posts will look like.  I can guarantee I won’t be writing about the color of my socks.  In all seriousness, Happy Holidays to anyone out there reading.  We’ll be celebrating Christmas with both of our families for the next four days!!!

Stay tuned and who knows what 2013 will have in store.

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3 Responses to Life Cycle of a Breast Cancer Blog

  1. Marie says:

    Hi Alexis, as someone who has been writing a breast cancer blog for close to four years now, I am really interested to read this. I started my blog after my cancer treatment ended as a way of trying to make sense of the experience and connect with others who shared the same feelings as I did. I found finishing treatment for breast cancer was a strange and unsettling time and blogging really helped me. When I look back on my blog from the first posts to now, I can see a change – as breast cancer faded from view, other life challenges took center stage, but I found i was working through similar emotions of grief, loss and vulnerability. I don’t know if this makes much sense, but I wanted to share my experience with you and to encourage you to keep on blogging. Wishing you a joyful holiday season.

  2. An interesting blog post and something that I’ve also wondered/wrestled with. At this point, I still have a good backlog of ideas/partially drafted blog posts, so I’ve got a while before I throw in the towel, but I do think there’s something to be said for the journey you had through cancer…just as the one you have after treatment ends. Your trips, physical activity, and live alterations are informative and great news to share with others. Please consider continuing; I, for one, hope you do.

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