Wordless Wednesday

A lot of blogs post a weekly “Wordless Wednesday” post which usually features a picture or two and very minimal text.  I just used this title because its Wednesday and sometimes, I do find myself completely “wordless” (better word speechless).

I remember talking with co-workers a few months ago about none other than Cancer!  It seems that it is all around us and far too often a topic of conversation.  One of my coworker’s daughters had a friend who had received a grim cancer diagnosis and my boss asked if I had any thoughts or ideas on what to say or do given my experience with cancer.  Well, the only thing I could come up with was – “I can tell you what NOT to say.”

Thank god I have a sense of humor and am a fairly compassionate person.  I do know that people often mean well, but sometimes they say the most absurd things when they hear I have/had cancer.  I recently read this post on another breast cancer survivor’s blog.  I can honestly say that I have had all of those things said to me.

By far, the best comment I ever received was related to #3 on Laura’s blog.  I was diagnosed at age 30.  I told a few of the old/older men that are part of the morning crew and work out at the YMCA.  One of them said to me: “My wife had a friend who died from breast cancer at age 32.”  Really?

I would also like to add something to Laura’s list…I absolutely love it when people ask me:  “So how do you know you’re cancer free?”  First off, there’s so much meaning to the words cancer free, remission and no evidence of disease that I could fill another blog post.  But, back to the main question…My aunt who had breast cancer told me what her response was and I have adopted her smart (yet possibly rude) remark.  So, my default response when asked how I know if I’m cancer free:  “I see a doctor every 3 months.  So, how do you know that you’re cancer free?”

I didn’t mean for this post to seem mean.  As I said before, I have a sense of humor and I know that others honestly mean well.  But sometimes other people’s well-meant comments often leave me wordless.

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One Response to Wordless Wednesday

  1. Laura says:

    What a great post, Alexis! Who knew one person’s post could lead to another related post by someone else? I’m flattered…and am also more aware how many of “us” get these lovely questions…and how they drive us a little batty, too. I like your aunt’s take on the question and may use it in the future; I’m sure I’ll have ample opportunity! Gotta say that kudos go out to your coworkers for even asking what to do/say or not do/say. That at least shows their awareness of the sensitivity others have.

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