Coming Full Circle…

I’ve always been really good with dates, but I think it is safe to say that most cancer patients and survivors can easily rattle off “their” dates:  diagnosis, 1st surgery, 1st/last chemo, etc.

When I was in North Carolina with First Descents, two of our program participants celebrated their “cancerversaries” – the date of their last cancer treatments.  I think I decided that my cancerversary would be on the date of my lumpectomy surgery because that is when I consider to have had all the cancer removed from my body.  I don’t think there are any official rules on deciding when your cancerversary is.  Although I did celebrate completing all of my chemo and radiation treatments last summer on July 18th.  So, who really knows when my cancerversary is?!?!

Regardless of the date, I finally feel back to pre-cancer Alexis.  I have come full circle and here’s a big reason why…I’m a BLONDE again!  Being blonde was never completely natural for me – and I never really considered hair color a defining factor of who I am.  But when I look in the mirror now, I feel like I’m seeing the Alexis from pre November 23, 2010 (ha another date I won’t forget).  And it feels good.

September 2010

November 2010 – 2 days after diagnosis (don’t know how/why I’m smiling).

March 2011 – chopped off my hair before starting chemo.

June 2011 – 1 month after last chemo and I was still bald.

Labor Day Weekend 2011 – 4 months after last chemo, sporting a short and dark spiked hair-do and showing off our big cancer fighting guns!

December 2011 – Still short and very dark!

May 2012 – Getting a little longer, but still dark. I now use little hair clips and bobby pins to keep my hair off of my face!

July 2012 – Back to blonde (actually kinda like a strawberry blonde) and my hair is growing! I now wear little ponytails when I work out. And I’ve officially come full circle. Just not sure how to work with the curls in the back!

I guess there are two main points of this post (especially for other cancer patients/survivors who may read this):

  • Your hair will grow back.
  • Do whatever you need to do to make yourself feel like yourself again because I just can’t believe how great it feels to be back!
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6 Responses to Coming Full Circle…

  1. Aunt Patti says:

    Great post, and a great attitude, as always! So often people get caught in the circle–kind of like some of the traffice circles in DC that you just can’t get out of, and have a hard time moving on. Glad to see that, as usual, you have the ability to get on with it, with all the same qualities and traits that have made you who you are!!

  2. Laura says:

    What an ENCOURAGING post to read from someone that’s a few steps ahead recovery-wise. I appreciate your attitude and willingness to share your goals and achievements with readers. I’m sure your mini ponytails look cute and that you’re PROUD to be able to make them! Sending you a long-distance hug. Hope our paths get the chance to cross someday.

  3. Erin Yale says:

    Alexis I LOVE this post. Congratulations!!!! I am so happy you are feeling back to pre cancer Alexis. Keep up the good work, and I think you are such a great inspiration to Breast Cancer survivors everywhere. And I love your smile in your 2 day post diagnosis. You started with a smile and you ended with a smile!!!!! I try and smile as often as I can, smiling always lifts my spirits no matter how I feel on any given day.

    • Alexis says:

      Erin – thanks so much for the comment! Every time I look at these pictures, I want to cry…it is truly hard to fathom how far I’ve come! I pray & hope that you will you have the same positive outlook! Hair or no hair, you are still beautiful!

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