Summer Running Streak Update

I completed the Runner’s World ‘Summer Running Streak’…well, sorta.

The goal was to run at least 1 mile for 38 days straight from Memorial Day to the 4th of July.  As I mentioned in a previous post, I missed 2 days because I had a crazy weekend of working non-stop.  I also missed another 2 days because I had a killer sinus infection and couldn’t even lift my head off of the pillow.  Then I missed another day simply because I forgot to run!  So, I ran a total of 33 days out of 38.

All in all, I consider the Running Streak to be a success.  Missing 5 days out of 38 is not too bad.  I kept track of my total mileage and I ran 106.5 miles over the course of the running streak – which averages to about 2.8 miles per day (I like numbers).

Pros and Cons?  I can’t really think of anything bad about the running streak.  I think that I’ve been able to pick up my pace a bit since I’ve been running every day and that’s definitely a good thing.  The streak/challenge also came at an opportune time – since I’m not training or planning on training for any races.  I would definitely do another running streak!

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2 Responses to Summer Running Streak Update

  1. Kristen McGillen says:

    YAY!! We’re basically the best runners ever.

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