Happy National Running Day!

Who’s heading out for a run today to celebrate?  If you’re thinking about a race, here’s a deal for $20 off registration for a Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon, half marathon or relay.  The offer is only good today.  Although I’d love to sign up for another long distance race (especially a Rock ‘n’ Roll) I won’t be taking advantage of the offer – too much going on in the immediate future and I just can’t wrap my mind around planning more than 3 months out at this point.


Anyway, I wish I had known about this “holiday” before I did a longish run yesterday.  Oh well – I still got in 1 mile as part of my summer running streak.

I’m 10 days into the running streak and I already had to skip 2 days due to my work schedule.  However, I think I more than made up for it with some of my other runs.  The running streak started on Memorial Day and lasts until 4th of July.  Here’s how I am doing so far:

May 28 (Memorial Day) – 5 miles

May 29 – 1 mile

May 30 – 5.5 miles

May 31 – 1.1 miles

June 1 & 2 – Big Fat 0 miles

June 3 – 6 miles

June 4 – 1 mile

June 5 – 5.75 miles

June 6 – 1 mile

Hope to continue with a successful streak!


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One Response to Happy National Running Day!

  1. Kristen Parise says:

    WHOO! You’re doing it!

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