What’s New?

In bullet form (my favorite)…lots of links too!

  • I’m going back to blonde.  I have scheduled my appointment, but I’m not telling anyone when it is (well, a few people know).  Y’all will just have to wait and see…
  • Time is flying by – and I’m leaving for my First Descents white water kayaking trip in North Carolina in just a little over 2 weeks.  The above “Y’all” was me practicing my southern accent.
  • I ate lunch at a restaurant the other day and ordered a salad that had 1,220 calories and 82 grams of fat.  I didn’t know this information before I ate the salad.  I went home and cried (true story).  Lesson – salads are deceiving.  And this is one of my top reasons for rarely eating out at restaurants anymore.
  • I am now doing the social media for my department at work (Twitter and FB)…Keeping up with social media is hard (especially when I’m still doing all of my other job responsibilities)!
  • Fair Hill Races is exactly one month from today and they still haven’t announced their tailgate theme!  UGH.  How are we supposed to win without ample time to plan?
  • My birthday is next week!  I’m not sure what my celebrations will include yet.   I do know that my birthday is one of the two days a year that my husband gets me flowers, so I’m really looking forward to what he picks out for me (hint hint).
  • Super Friends Unite (round 2) is this weekend.  It has been over a year since the 3 of us have all been together at once.  Although we had a blast last year, I’m really looking forward to catching up and not being ambushed in pink!
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