Another 6 Months…

So, first I have to back track…  I had my full body check at my dermatologist’s office on Valentine’s Day.  All looked good and there were no concerns.  They recommended that I come back in 3 years.  Wow, great news.  In other random news, we paid our yearly storage fee for our embryos.  So, those 7 lil guys/gals are safe and sound for another year or so.

Then, this past Monday, I had my 6 month follow-up appointment with my oncologist.  The appointment was very easy and uneventful (which is good).  He first did a breast exam and felt under my armpits.  Then we talked briefly about Tamoxifen.  I had thought about bringing up my usual question, “Do I really have to be on this for 5 years?”  But I decided that since its only been 6 months or so, that maybe I shouldn’t be so whiny.  I have heard/read that some women take it for 2 or 3 years, stop the drug to start a family and then resume the drug.  However, I decided to hold back on starting this conversation until I have at least hit the 2 year mark with Tamoxifen.  So, I won’t be back at the oncologists office for another 6 months (end of August).

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