“Light it Up” for Ladies Night

My girls weekend last weekend was a blast!  I had to work for a little bit on Saturday morning, but on my drive home from work I heard that song “Ladies Night.”  Well, that totally got me pumped up.  Long story, but our girls weekend somehow came to be called “Light it Up.” 

There were 6 of us ladies total.  The 5 other women that I got to spend my time with were:  Jen (one of my BFF’s since like second grade), Jen’s sister Jess, Jess’s friend Carolyn, Jen’s sister-in-law Cassie and our friend Debbie (we were both bridesmaids in Jen’s wedding).  Needless to say, Jen is the central connection for the whole group.  It can be scary when you get that many women together, but we all had so much fun together.

Hot tub time!

We reserved 2 rooms at a nice beach front hotel where we got to enjoy the indoor pool and hot tub during the day.  Then we showered and made ourselves even prettier (who knew that was even possible) for a night out on the town.  Dinner, drinks and dancing.  Every place we went to was within really close walking distance so thankfully no one had to worry about driving.  I think we all agreed that we NEED to do this at least once or twice a year.  Ladies, let’s start planning the next Ladies Night!  And if anyone would like to join us (no boys allowed though) and be initiated into the “Light it Up” club, please let me know.  These girls are awesome and always a good time.

All pretty and ready for "Light it Up"

As the night went on, we had some crazy dance moves, including the "Jersey Turnpike"

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One Response to “Light it Up” for Ladies Night

  1. Kristen Parise says:

    i wish I lived closer. I would love to be a part of the club! Sounds like you guys had the best time 🙂

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