I Love Not Camping

So, thanks to my party planner husband, we’ve had a lot of fun weekend activities recently (Superbowl Party, seeing a fun band and then our wedding band at a bar, skiing with friends, etc).  This weekend, we’re going our separate ways.  Boys weekend for Bri and girls weekend for me!
This is where I’ll be sleeping on Saturday night…
And this is where Bri will be sleeping!
Bri and 5 his friends spent less than $30 on their accommodations.  My friends and I chose to invest a little more to ensure that we have comfy beds, running water and food that doesn’t have to be eaten with our hands or off of a stick.  Its great to look forward to fun weekend plans on our calendars and not have to live by a confined schedule of cancer treatments!
P.S. My new favorite station on Pandora is “80’s Cardio.”  I encourage any readers to turn it on and dance around their house.
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One Response to I Love Not Camping

  1. Corinne says:

    Your weekend plans are my kind of vacation!! I am not a camper, but a beautiful view by the water sounds fabulous!! Hope you had a great time!

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