Getting it Done

Right around the time I turned 30 (almost 2 years ago, gah), I was on a mission to get my health in order – meaning check-ups, vaccinations, blood tests, skin screenings, etc.  I did get some stuff taken care of before the big C, but a lot of other things got brushed aside when I entered cancer fighting mode!  Well, I’m finally making progress on some goals/to-dos that were sidelined over the past year or so.  Last week, I had a plain old physical examination.  With a regular doctor.  Aside from my physician reaching under my shirt to feel my tummy and listen to me breathe, for the first time in a long time, I got to keep my clothes on during this doctor’s visit.  It was awesome! 

And on Tuesday, I finally had blood work done.  The last time I had this done, my cholesterol was creeping.  My good cholesterol was good, but the rest was not so good.  So, I’m curious to see where I stand now.  And there’s more…

About a month ago I overheard a conversation between a personal trainer and a gym-goer at my gym.  Long story short:  the girl basically told the trainer she was trying to get back on the workout wagon after she had to stop exercising due to complications from her skin cancer.  Well, immediately my ears perked up.  Come on, some one said the C word.  It turns out, she had a mole below her bra strap on her back that was cancerous.  I missed bits and pieces of the conversation because I was only eavesdropping (I was literally the girl on the mat taking a very long time to stretch), but I did hear that she also had to have lymph nodes removed, so I’m assuming her cancer spread.  Having your lymph nodes removed is a big deal and that’s what caused all of her missed workouts.  Well, that overheard conversation lit a fire under my butt.  Guess what?  I also have a mole under my bra strap (mine is on my front side though).  And I’m so fearful that my years of sun worshiping may have done some damage or worse.  So, on Valentine’s Day, I’m going to strip down for a hot date I have at 12:45 pm.  Most husbands would be jealous, but not mine because my date is with a dermatologist (actually a physician’s assistant) for a full body scan.  This has been on my list for a looooong time, but I’m finally getting it done!  And assuming all goes well with that, next on the list is a long overdue eye exam. 

I’m hoping that some of my proactive initiatives might rub off on some other un-named individual that happens to share a house and last name with me.  We’ll see.

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One Response to Getting it Done

  1. Laura says:

    Way to go! It’s good to keep on top of all the “other stuff” that the big C tends to trump. And it’s really great to not ignore signs of anything. Enjoy the strip-down on Valentine’s Day. Maybe it’ll be a dry run for your evening? 🙂 I, too, look forward to doctor appointments where they aren’t interested in the chest/armpit/neck area. Three cheers to you, Alexis! And may your bad cholesterol numbers be in your favor this time around.

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