My Experience with RAD and IVF

About a year ago, Bri and I started working with Reproductive Associates of Delaware (RAD).  If you’ve been reading this blog, then you already know that we were lucky to have the opportunity to freeze 7 embryos with IVF before I started chemo.   My situation was not typical for the their office, but my experience working with RAD was wonderful.  I loved their staff, their professionalism and the expertise of the doctors.  I always felt like I was in good hands.  Since my oncologist wanted to start chemo ASAP, RAD worked with my schedule and squeezed me into theirs.  And of course, they were awesome to work with when my insurance initially denied our coverage for IVF. 

Bri and I are heading up to PA this weekend for a little ski trip at my parents’ house.  When we went last year, I wasn’t allowed to go skiing because I was just starting the whole IVF process and I had to limit my activities.  My gosh, I can’t believe it has already been a year since I started this whole ordeal.  And my poor husband who had to give me all of my injections/shots.  Speaking of the husband – he was sick all week.  I’ve basically been taking care of everything around the house and making sure that he was taken care of as well.  One night, as he was all loopy from NyQuil, he sincerely thanked me for everything and told me I was doing a lot.  I told him “you’re welcome”, but I also reminded him of how much he has had to do for me over the past year.  I almost feel like if he got sick once a year for the rest of his life that I still wouldn’t be able to do as much for him as he did for me!  Sorry, I went off on a tangent there…

 Back in November on the day of my mammogram, Bri and I also headed over to RAD to tape a testimonial.  Actually, I did all of the talking and Bri was just there for support.  Given my situation, I really felt compelled to share my experience.  You can listen to my testimonial here .  I also just found out that they’ve used my testimonial in some of their new radio commercials.  I have the mp3 file, but I can’t post it on the blog.  So, if you really want to hear the commercial, I can email the file or if you’re local, you might hear me on 93.7 WSTW. 

I cannot say enough kind words about RAD and their staff.  Although, I hope that we can conceive naturally some day, I also kind of hope that we’ll get to work with RAD again  for an embryo transfer.  Annmarie, the ultrasound tech that assisted with my IUD insertions at my OB/GYN’s office also works as a tech at RAD for the embryo transfers.  When I first met her (last August) I started telling her my story, so she would understand why I was getting an IUD, etc.  Then she interrupted me and said it sounded familiar.  Then she said something like, “you’re the one.”   When I found myself in for attempt 2 at the IUD insertion, once again Annmarie was there.  After the procedure was over and we were wishing each other happy holidays, she turned to me and said that she wants to be the tech working the day I have my embryo transfer.  Well, I hope that if we do have to rely on those little embryos, that she is indeed working that day.  Or perhaps, I should make a mental note and request her. 

 I’m glad that I chose to share my story with Delaware and the surrounding area.  Hopefully if other young women find themselves in a similar situation, they will have the same opportunity to take charge and not let cancer squash their hopes of having a family someday!  That being said, only 4.5 more years of Tamoxifen – yeah!

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