This Year I Will…

No resolutions for this girl, just dreams and goals!  Usually, I write down or make a mental note of my yearly goals.  Well, I was searching and searching and I guess I never did that for 2011 (hmm…I wonder why).  I did accomplish a lot over the past year, but Bri and I both agree that we’re happy to see 2011 end.  So, despite all of the obstacles we encountered, let’s take a look back and try and put a positive spin on everything…

  • I kicked cancer’s butt!
  • I completed my master’s degree
  • Thanks to a flooded basement on Memorial Day weekend, Bri learned some new home improvement skills.
  • I ran my 1st half marathon (just 2 1/2 months after finishing all my treatments)
  • We won a 3rd place title once again in the tailgating contest at the Fair Hill Races
  • I got to experiment with several new hair styles and a different hair color.
  • We froze 7 lil embryos
  • Bri got a new pickup truck

And of course, I have a few ideas (dreams and goals) for 2012!

  • Adopt a doggie.  I was dog sitting for our friend this past week.  And before going into this dog sitting job, I truly thought I was ready to get another dog.  I think I still need some more time to grieve for Jessie, but I would like to welcome a new furry friend into our household at some point this year.
  • Go on a much needed vacation – preferably someplace warm with sand, clear blue water and frozen umbrella drinks!
  • Learn how to use my new camera.
  • Tackle a new sewing project (I’m thinking bedroom curtains and/or a table runner).
  • Paint our bedroom.
  • Declutter and just get rid of “stuff.”
  • Go to a Raven’s game and/or concert and/or Broadway show.  Its been too long and Bri just flipped to a Kenny Chesney concert on TV, so his channel surfing just inspired my last goal!
  • Run another half marathon.  And work on my speed work.
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