So Much to be Thankful For

Ok, so I have to give a little bit of background info here.  My mom and Brian have been making fun of my Christmas wish ideas.  People ask me what I want for Christmas and I give them honest answers.  According to other people, my wishes are boring and not fun.  Some of the items I originally threw out there were mini muffin tins (already got a hand me down from mom), AAA membership, ear muffs/head warmers and slippers.  Bri said going shopping for me is just like running errands.  Hmmm.  We’re not like the people on the commercials who give/get a new Lexus SUV or flat screen TV for gifts.  Bri and I have never been extravagant with our gifts to each other.  And that’s perfectly fine with me.  I’m really focusing on not cluttering my life with things.  So, instead of a tangible gift that I unwrap, my mom and I spending a day in NYC.  I’d rather create experiences that I can look back on.

Bri was telling me last night that his department at work has an adopt a family.  Bri signed us up to get a gift for the 7-year-old boy.  I just assumed we’d be picking out some toy, but then Bri told me that boy had essentials on his list and that we’ll be getting him a scarf and gloves.  Now, I think its ok for an adult to ask for those items, but it made me really sad that these items were on a 7 year old’s list.  It just made me realize that I have a lot to be thankful for.  I really have everything I could ever want or need in life.  Sure I gave people Christmas ideas when asked, but if I don’t get new/cute ear muffs, I’m not going to freeze because I do have hats and scarves already in my closet that could keep me warm.

So, what am I really thankful for?  This year, I am definitely recognizing that my health has been taken for granted in the past.  And I’m so overwhelmed with joy that I am moving on and living my life!  But there are lots of other little things I truly appreciate each and every day.  I wake up every morning in a bed that is warm and comfortable, go to a job that I enjoy and then I come home to a husband I love.  Each night we make a healthy dinner and our pantry and refrigerator are usually stocked with essentials.  Thanks to Kohls and their sales, we generally have updated wardrobes and clothes that fit.  We have family and friends in our life that care so much for us and are so much fun to be around.  I guess I am really just thankful for all the everyday little things that most people take for granted.  I am truly blessed!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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One Response to So Much to be Thankful For

  1. Laura says:

    Alexis, what a poignant blog post. I would think most BC survivors do have these thoughts – but maybe not? It’s a positive spin that some choose not to take on the whole BC journey. I’m so happy to hear of another survivor out there…it’s always a positive shot in the arm. Found your blog through Erin’s. Hope to continue following you along. Keep up your engaging posts!

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