One Year Ago…

One year ago yesterday (11/9/10) started off as a normal day.  Who knew it would be the beginning of all my craziness!  One year ago today, I had my first mammogram, which led to further screenings before my official diagnosis.

Considering that I felt my lump purely by accident, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world (probably not what you’d expect to hear from a cancer survivor).  However, I often think about the “what ifs”?  What if we weren’t caulking my shower and I didn’t have to use Bri’s shower that day?  What if I hadn’t forgotten my loofah in my shower and had to scrub up with my hands?   Or what if I had run across our house in a towel to grab my loofah out of my bathroom?  What if I hadn’t been proactive and called my doctor immediately (well, after calling my mom and Bri of course)?  Someone was definitely looking out for me that day and I feel so lucky and blessed that I caught everything so early!

There is so much to reflect on and look back at.  I’m glad that I maintained this blog to keep my family and friends up to date about everything that was happening to me, but I’m also glad that I have the blog to look back at.  Sometimes, I still can’t believe this happened to me!

Tomorrow I have to return to the cancer center for the first time in months for my follow-up breast MRI and yearly mammogram – part of my continual screening plan.  I’ve been feeling a little nervous.  I keep convincing myself that I feel something abnormal and that I’ll have to go through all of this again.  Well, my appointment is on 11/11/11 at 11am, so I’m hoping that’s good luck or something and that all my fears will be put to rest (and this is my 111th blog post – totally didn’t plan that).  Hopefully, this time next year will be a little easier, but for now the month of November is still a reminder of when and how this whole cancer “journey” started.

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3 Responses to One Year Ago…

  1. Aunt Patti says:

    And what a year it was!! You weathered it with a grace and courage that inspired a lot of people! For such a little thing, you are a dynamo!!! XOXOX

  2. Jen Rasmussen says:

    And I’m thankful for your blog too…keeps us all updated without you having to repeat everything a million times (although you probably did that anyway). It’s been an intense year, which you have navigated with a balance of grace and strength. I continue to be amazed. Love you Sexi Lexi!

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