Rock the Ribbon

Early last week Stonyfield (yes, as in the yogurt) tweeted that they had space left for 2 for the Rock the Ribbon event in Philadelphia.  I was the first to respond to their tweet and was given the opportunity to attend for free.  Thanks Stonyfield!

Stonyfield and have recently partnered together for “Think Pink Live Green.”  The event was basically a celebration for and breast cancer awareness in general.  I am pretty sure that all breast cancer patients and survivors have visited for information (I still do!).  I always liked looking at their discussion boards, mainly because I was reading information from women who could talk first hand about their experiences or what to expect.

Anyway, back to the event…it was held at World Cafe Live in Philly – such a cool venue.  And what a great evening.  Bri and I did not know a single soul there and we didn’t attempt to mingle.  Most of the guests seemed to be part of a group, so it was just the two of us hanging out having a good time together.   

The event started with a reception complete with fancy passed hors d’oeuvres, stationed food and open bar.  I didn’t sample all the food, but everything looked fabulous: tuna carpaccio, pecan chicken, mini pumpkin tarts, fresh veggies with endamame hummus, succotash served in cute lil mini pumpkins and some kind of asian pork and rice just to name a few.  Yum! 

Even though I didn't try this...doesn't it look awesome!

After the reception, we were directed to the lower level which opened up into a performance area with cocktail tables, seating at tables and then just rows of chairs.  I didn’t particularly want to sit in the rows of chairs.  We walked around and noticed that a lot of the tables were reserved for certain people and sponsors (not us).  On the second level, there were additional reserved tables, but we managed to snag seats on these comfy couches overlooking the lower level.  We had a perfect view of the stage! And there was a different spread of food up on this level. 

Celebrity impersonators were also part of the event - me posing with Lady Gaga and Michael Jackson!

The program opened with four of’s event coordinators speaking.  Each woman had their own personal connection to breast cancer, either themselves or a family member.  Gary Hirshberg, Stonyfield’s CE-YO and a leader in the organic food movement came out next.  He spoke briefly about “Think Pink Live Green” and how clicks equal cash for on   Gary also spoke about the importance of eating an organic diet and how we can petition the FDA to label genetically engineered foods.  If you haven’t checked this out yet, I would recommend it. 

Following Gary, Marisa Weiss – founder of – came on stage to share a few words.  Not only is she an oncologist, but she was also diagnosed with breast cancer last year.  Marisa again touched on some of the same points that Gary made about the importance of diet in preventing cancer and recurrences.  She also touched on one new statistic that shocked me.  It seems that it’s now 1 in 7 women that will get breast cancer in their lifetime, up from 1 in 8.  Despite all the advances that have been made, there’s a still a lot of work to do!

After the talks concluded, we were treated to a performance by Shawn Colvin.  I can truly appreciate performers who play their own instruments and are not jumping around stage with flashy backup dancers.  I was surprised at how much Bri and I enjoyed her music. 

I’m really glad that I had the opportunity to attend this event and listen to Marisa and Gary speak.  I think I left there more inspired than ever to clean up my diet and the products I use.

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