National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Happy October!  I usually associate this month with colors of orange and black.  However, this year, I think I’ll be seeing a lot of pink, since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

There are so many different types of cancer out there, that I sometimes feel guilty about all the hype about breast cancer.  And I’ve read numerous articles and blog posts over the past year that criticized merchandisers and the media for portraying breast cancer as the glamorous or sexy cancer.  Usually, I could agree on a few points, but the reality is that, no cancer diagnosis is glamorous or sexy.  So, don’t make me feel bad because I got the one symbolized by a pink ribbon.  Honestly, I didn’t ask for this.

So, in order to kick off this month, I encourage all you ladies (and gentlemen) to check yourself out.  If you notice anything unusual, bring it to your doctor’s attention.  And yes, men can get breast cancer.  A woman who works out at the Y in the morning just told me that her brother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

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