Are You All Better?

FYI…I hate it when people ask me that question.  I also dislike the question, “so how do they(my doctors)/you know the cancer is all gone?” I try to be polite with my responses, but each time someone asks me either of those questions, my blood starts to boil. The reality is that since I see a doctor every 3 months and each doctor is watching me like a hawk – I can confidently say “Right now, I don’t have cancer!”  How many other people can make that statement with such certainty?  Some days, I feel like I should respond to these questions with, “do you know whether or not you have cancer?”  Honestly, I could never actually say that to someone. 

Other than a few fatigued days post chemo, I never really felt “sick” or like I had some disease.  And for the most part, people never treated me that way.  But there a few naive people who I come into contact with that just don’t get it.  I know they mean well and are sincerely concerned about me, but when the same people (not referring to any family/friends here) repeatedly ask the same questions, it just starts to get old. 

Okay, done venting!

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One Response to Are You All Better?

  1. Aunt Patti says:

    Duly warned! LOL!! It is really hard when people who don’t know the right thing to say always pick the worst thing, but you’re right, they do mean well, and the comments are usually made out of concern. Someday you’ll be able to laugh about it!

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