A Post – Chemo Girl Goes Streaking

Well, I’m back from Cape Cod and I had a very relaxing trip.  It was fun to visit with my family and finally get my butt to the beach. 

The night before I left, I had some last-minute errands to run and I decided to test out my new ‘do.’  First, Bri and I walked Jessie all around our neighborhood and then I hit a few stores – all bare!  It was such a great feeling.  And I never once covered my head during my whole trip.  Too bad I forgot to pack a hat, because despite putting sunscreen on my head (yup in my hair and all), my poor scalp got sunburned on my first beach day. 

While I was in Cape Cod, I was talking to my cousin and she told me how she likes to be naked (she’s even ventured to the nude beach near where I grew up in NJ).  Sorry if this is too much info, but it was a very mature conversation we had.  She said that she just likes to feel bare and natural.  And I could completely relate to what she was saying.  Not that I walk around naked or sun tan topless, but just walking outside without a wig, bandana, or head wrap on felt amazing!  I feel so comfortable baring it all and hope that I never have to wear a wig again (not even for Halloween)!

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