Loving the New Normal

I’m breathing easy and loving life!  Aside from the fact that I’m still sporting my wig, bandanas, and head wraps when I leave the house, my life is slowly starting to resemble the old normal.  Obviously, certain things have changed, but I’m in a good place right now. 

I feel confident in my overall prognosis and decisions regarding my treatment plan.  I feel excited about what the future holds for us and am looking forward to good things.  I also haven’t had a melt down in about a month!  Yeah for progress. 

I had a great follow-up appointment with my surgeon on Thursday.  I’m really pleased with the all-star team of docs that I picked to treat me and it really does make my appointments so much easier (even the bad ones).  Of course, I wanted to chit-chat, but I made a conscious effort to focus on talking about my health issues.  Basically, Dr. Penman just did a full breast exam and talked about my future screening schedule.  I left the office with a script for a mammogram and MRI to be scheduled in November.  I’ll be getting this done yearly and since my last ones were done in November when I was diagnosed, that is the time of year I’ll stick with.  Also, I have another follow-up appointment with Penman in 6 months. 

There’s also some more good and unfortunately, bad news.  The bad news:  Bri’s truck died.  The good news: He’ll be getting a new car or truck soon.  Its only been 2 days, but being a one car family is hard – especially when you live and work in an area that is not connected with reliable means of public transportation or walking/biking paths.  Hopefully, we’ll have this situation all figured out by the end of the weekend!

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