How’s It Going Tamoxifen?

Officially 2 weeks on Tamoxifen and it feels like 2 years, ugh!  I’ve only forgotten to take my pill twice – so I guess I’m averaging about once a week. 

This week, I decided to set a daily alarm on my phone in the hopes that it will prompt me to take the pill.  So far, so good – its working.  My hot flashes are still here, but I haven’t noticed them getting worse or more frequent.  However, I’m sure they will.  The best way that I found to deal with hot flashes is to literally stick my head in the freezer for a minute or two.  It works, but unfortunately I’m not always near a freezer. 

My hair is coming in too – I even took off my bandana the other night when we had friends over.  It is dark!  Sometimes, I’m still in shock that I’m a baldy!  I’m thinking I may need to call my hair stylist to set-up a consultation in 5 or 6 weeks.  I’m not looking forward to the weird transition hairstyles as I desperately try to grow my hair back. 

Next up is a 6 follow-up appointment with my surgeon on Thursday (will actually end up being at 7 months, since I called late to schedule the appointment)!

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