The Secret to Sitting Still Is?

If anyone can tell me how to sit still, please please let me know.  Because apparently, I haven’t quite figured it out yet.  I do know one weakness I have that prohibits me from sitting still – boredom.   

First update: I decided to try something new and signed up for a kettlebell class at the gym.  Tuesday night was my first class and I’m really excited to continue.  Well, I say that now, but let’s see if I can actually walk tomorrow.  For those of you that don’t know, a kettlebell is basically a piece of iron that is molded into the shape of a ball with an iron handle on top of it.  It also looks like a cannon ball with a handle on it.  A lot of the exercises involve different swinging motions incorporated with lunges and squats. 

Since we’re talking about trying new things, I’m also considering running a half marathon (gaah).  Basically, I’m getting bored and am in need of new challenges.  However, the race I want to run is soon – as in October 2 soon!  My current weekly running mileage would make it pretty easy for me to jump into week 3 of a 12 week training schedule.  What I’m afraid of is keeping up with the training (especially the long runs on the weekends).  I think I am going to see if I can keep up with training during August.  If I can make it through August with my crazy schedule, then I might just go ahead and register.  Also, I’d be in need of some massive amounts of encouragement! I wrote my friend Amy an email the other day expressing my interest in this race and listed some pros and cons (and have added a few more):


  • Challenging myself
  • Pretty scenic run & flat course
  • Close to my parents’ house so I could roll out of bed & get there bright & early 
  • McLoones (the place where we had our wedding reception) is a sponsor!
  • Relatively low race registration fee (comparatively to other races of equal distance).


  • Course is 2 loops (might be boring)
  • Not a lot of time to train (for me and my crazy calendar filled with weekend activities)
  • Early part of my training would have to start during the yucky hot summer – mostly me complaining because I hate the heat/humidity (especially now)!

My last and final update (for this post anyway) is that I’m actually squeezing in a little vacation this summer.  I’m going to Cape Cod to visit my aunt and uncle.  My parents are going too, but sadly Bri can’t join us.  I’m really looking forward to this lil getaway.  I guess I’ll have to remember to pack my running shoes!

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3 Responses to The Secret to Sitting Still Is?

  1. Hey Alexis! You should talk to Kristen about training for a half, she’s working on training for her 4th rigt now. Brian could do what I do and play coach (meaning I ride my bike next to her while she runs to keep her company). I bet you could do it.

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