You Can Still Have Fun if You Have Cancer!

A few weeks ago, Bri made a comment that my recent posts weren’t really about cancer.  I agreed with his comment, but the whole blog is essentially about how I’m still living my life and doing fun things while also dealing with my cancer.  A cancer diagnosis is not a death sentence.  So, before cancer – I liked to hang out with friends, cook, visit places with Bri, and do fun things.  Now that I have breast cancer – I still like to do the same things and share my adventures. 

So, June has been a busy month for us and we’ve had some fun!  After working around the clock for 2 days straight for UD’s Alumni weekend, I’m really glad that I had the energy to meet up for brunch with some sorority sisters that were in town…Check out my awesome “Delabration” t-shirt – the waitress spilled an entire tray of ice water down my back and that was all I had to wear in my car!

Thetas at Iron Hill

 We also had some fun meeting our new niece Valentina one weekend.

Aunt Alexis and Valentina – just about 3 weeks old here.

This past weekend, we had the opportunity to visit my parents at Eagle Rock and spend some time on the lake.  We had perfect weather on Saturday – Bri enjoyed some lake floating and kayaking while I hung out on shore and snapped photos of him!

A perfect day at the lake!

Next up on our schedule?  A fun day at a “Grill n’ Chill” winery event with friends.    

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