June 8, 1979

Note:  My posts may be out of chronological order.

A few weeks ago, I asked Bri what was the best day of his life.  His reply: “June 8, 1979.”  So, what happened on that day to make it so special? 


– “The Source,” 1st computer public information service, went on-line

– Mariners drafted Al Chambers #1

– Wings released “Back to the Egg” album

– Herb Polesie, producer/playwright (20 Questions), died at 79

– Louis Salvador Palange, composer, died at 61

– Famous Births

  • Derek Trucks, American guitarist
  • Luis Ernesto Michel, Mexican football player
  • Pete Orr, Canadian baseball player
  • Brian Donald Milam, all around awesome guy, was born!

Happy 32nd Birthday Bri!  And for those readers that don’t know my husband like I do, here are a few reasons why Bri rules:

1.  He supports me and everything I do.

2.  He has a weird/great sense of humor and can make me laugh every day.

3.  He let me fulfill my dream of getting a beagle.

4.  He’s a smart guy and has taught me a lot of things that you don’t learn in books.

5.  He knows how to cook and clean!

6.  He has some pretty cool hobbies/interests that he doesn’t try to push on me:  camping, grilling, investments (boring), and beer.

7.  He has a great collection of party shirts.

8.  And he’s just an all around awesome guy!

The birthday boy in his element - camping/hiking on Isle Royal, Michigan.


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5 Responses to June 8, 1979

  1. amyreinink says:

    Happy birthday to Bri-guy! Maybe he and Steve can get together and talk about stock portfolios, and you and me can talk about the beauty of “fire and forget” and then move on to more interesting topics, like beagles.

  2. Courtney says:

    of the “little” things, i also like how bri always has/buys a tie to match your dress, but clearly lets you be the star when you’re all dressed up -)

  3. Aunt Patti says:

    As one who was there on June 8, 1979, I can honestly say, we knew Bri would be special the day he was born!! And my best description of Bri is that he is genuine, a “This is me-take it or leave it” kind of guy, who marches to his own beat, does it with his own sense of style (a characteristic where he sets the bar pretty high for the rest of us in his family), and is a really nice guy who is very funny in a quietly quirky way. Love ya, Bri!!

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