When it Rains it Pours

Ahh, Memorial Day Weekend – the weekend when most Americans  fire up their grills or head to the beach for some fun in the water. 

Well, Bri and I definitely fired something up and definitely saw a lot of water this past weekend – just not in the way we were expecting!  Bri heard a weird noise before he left for work Friday and found our basement to be flooded over with water.  Apparently a sprinkler in one of our utility closets had been going off all night.  EVERY inch of our basement was covered in water!!!  Just what we needed right?  I swear that I think Bri and I are being tested to see how much crap we can endure.  So, far I think we’re doing alright.

We couldn’t shut the sprinkler off, so we had to shut off all the water in our house.  We filed an insurance claim 1st thing and called a water removal company, ServPro.  They arrived and got to work getting the water out – while Bri & I did sprints up and down the stairs trying to salvage what we could.  ServPro had to rip up all our carpeting and some drywall.  When they searched around our utility closet, they found out that we had a small electrical fire under Derek’s fish tank which is what set off the sprinkler. 
After ServPro left, we still couldn’t figure out how to get our sprinkler to stop spewing water without having to have all of the house’s water turned off.  Bri called a million sprinkler companies, but everyone only did commercial servicing and no one would come to a residential home.  The fire department couldn’t even help us out. So, being a holiday weekend, the clock was ticking.  Luckily Bri’s brother lives across the street, so I was able to use his shower before my doctors’ appointments.  Finally, we found a fire prevention company to come out and change our sprinkler head so we could turn the water back on.  By 4:00 PM, our water was turned back on – just in time for Bri to shower and my parents and I to freshen up before my graduation ceremony.

We spent all day Sunday and Monday just sorting through everything in our basement – not fun.  We definitely need new carpet, some drywall, and new furniture.  Not the best way to start out a holiday weekend, but at least it happened on Friday and not Saturday.  I’m happy to report that I only had one brief moment of tears.  The rest of the day, I just had a major headache, but my spirits were good.  And although it sucks, I’m confident that Bri and I will get our house back in order, look back at this day and laugh (just not right now)!

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5 Responses to When it Rains it Pours

  1. amyreinink says:

    Oh, NO! Did you go find some dog poo to step in, just to make sure it was the worst day ever? Good that your spirit (and your sense of humor!) is intact!

  2. Amy Reinink says:

    One additional thought: “Life is not about surviving the storm. It is about learning to dance in the rain.” Not sure who the quote is from, but it sure applies here!

  3. Aunt Patti says:

    I LOVE Amy’s quote!! It is so true, and certainly applies!! You have made it through some pretty big storms!! And through it all, you have been able to jump in the puddles and laugh!!

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