Saving Second Base

Friday night Bri and I volunteered for the Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition – working concessions at a Blue Rocks baseball game.  Whoa – what a tiring job.  Who knew that prepping and handing out greasy food could be such hard work? 

There was an accident on 95, so we arrived about a half hour late.  I guess we must have missed the orientation or “training” because we were just given jobs with no clear instructions.  Eventually, we kind of figured it out.  I was the hot dog girl and my husband was fry guy Bri.  We’ve always talked about owning a restaurant and I have worked in that industry for years, but Bri never has.  So, I thought it would be good practice for him. 

Us in our cool concession uniforms.

Despite the yucky, weather, it was a busy Friday night at the ballpark and we were running around and working hard.  The fries and dogs were in hot demand.  I asked the manager helping us out if they were usually that busy and he flat out said “NO.”  Wow, I’m hoping that the crowd and the eagerness to eat concession food was driven by the fact that proceeds were being donated to DBCC. 

We got home around 11:30 pm and Bri said to me, “I don’t feel like I helped breast cancer.”  I felt the same way.  I guess since we worked concessions, the company didn’t have to pay for workers to come in that night and they donate some of the proceeds to the DBCC.  So, perhaps we’ll find out later how much was donated and we’ll feel like we helped breast cancer.  Overall, it was a fun yet tiring night!

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2 Responses to Saving Second Base

  1. Caitlin Dalik says:

    Hello! Caitlin from DBCC. I worked somewhere behind that counter with you two. When someone mentions DBCC, I get an alert from Google and I come across your blog. I know it was a tiring night and there really was no training, but we are very appreciative of your help. You may not feel like you helped breast cancer but by volunteering behind the concession stand, we will get a chunk of a donation from the Blue Rocks which will go into our partnership funds. Partnerships like the Blue Rocks event account for 25% of DBCC’s budget which helps a LOT of of programs and services. Without all these small partnerships and the help of volunteers like you, we wouldn’t be able to provide programs and services for those impacted by breast cancer. So thank you for your help! It was nice meeting you both!

    • Alexis says:

      That’s great Caitlin – we had fun with the event! Working behind the scenes in concessions definitely opened our eyes 🙂 We tried to talk up the game & get friends/family to attend to support DBCC.

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