Chemo Complete!

May 5 – I’m done!  What a feeling.  I have to admit that the day (as with most chemo days) gave me mixed emotions.  I was ecstatic to be done, but dreading the crappy feeling that would soon take over my body. 

The actual treatment itself was again uneventful.  I started taking my steroids the day before.  This time, I was actually able to get a decent night’s sleep the night before.  And I soon found out why.  I had goofed on taking the pills.  I was supposed to be taking 2 pills 2x/day.  Instead, on Thursday night I realized I had only been taking 1 pill 2x/day.  Oops.  At least my mistake gave me one good night of sleep.  I had Bri take a picture of me before we left – I was happy and had 2 thumbs up!  I again made desperate attempts to hydrate myself the day before and morning of my treatment so I’d have good veins.  When I went back for my blood work, she had trouble getting my vein and commented that I must be dehydrated.  Really?  So chugging about 100 ounces of liquid in about a 3 1/2 hour time span didn’t really do that much?

After the blood work, I was back to meet with Dr. Biggs.  Again, nothing new to report.  My blood pressure and blood counts were good.  My weight is still up a little, but I’m trying not to worry about that (for now).  Dr. Biggs congratulated me on being done.  I still can’t read Dr. Biggs, so I didn’t know if he’d accept a hug or not.  Instead, we shook hands.  With Dr. Penman, the hugs just came naturally, but I don’t hug unless I know the other person would feel completely comfortable. 

And then it was back to the chemo room.  I scanned the room and jumped into a window seat.  This time, I got a hot pack to help give me good veins.  And before I knew treatment started.  Despite having a bag packed full goodies to keep me entertained, I just kind of sat there and zoned in and out.  That Benadryl really does a number on me.  Ugh.  Bri was with me again and he busied himself by starting to work on plans for our Fair Hill tailgate.  By 12:30 PM, I was done! 

I'm All Done!

We both spent the afternoon napping on the couch.  By Friday, the steroids had me all jacked up again.  I cannot sit still when I’m on those drugs, I hate them.  I spent a good portion of my day zipping around the house cleaning.  I mostly focused on our upstairs, thoroughly cleaning bathrooms, stripping all the linens, vacuuming, etc.  Man, I was a cleaning machine.  I also managed to go to the grocery store and make dinner.  I knew I shouldn’t overdo it because I would slowly wear myself down, but I was in go mode. 

When I was first diagnosed and we were navigating all of my appointments and treatments scenarios, Bri made a flow chart.  I am so happy that we are getting closer and closer to the end of the flow chart.  Cheers to another phase over and done with!

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3 Responses to Chemo Complete!

  1. Aunt Patti says:

    So glad this part is done–hopefully the next phase will be easier on you, and will be over before you know it!

  2. amy says:

    Congrats to you! I am so jealous 🙂

    • Alexis says:

      Thanks Amy! You’ll be done in no time too – start a countdown or mark each milestone with a little celebration. It will help the time go by faster!

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