Happy Birthday to Me!

Last Sunday (May 1), I celebrated my 31st birthday.  How did I get to this point?  I still feel like I’m 25 and I still can’t believe I’ve crossed over into a new decade.  My cousin told me I look like I’m only 26 or 27 (awesome, thanks Cara)!  Despite my current situation (and age, ha), I’m really happy with my life and the people in it.  I know that things kind of suck for me, but its only temporary and as my mom says, “this too shall pass.”

Since I was already staying at my parent’s house in NJ for the Revlon walk last Saturday, I decided to stay overnight.  I was invited to my cousin Gia’s daughter’s baptism on Sunday, so that’s how I celebrated my day.  I’m not a big fan of making a big fuss out of my own birthday, but it was nice to see my extended family members and spend the day with them.  Baby Annabelle is just such a doll and she did quite well with the baptism service.  There was a luncheon after the service and Gia surprised me with my own birthday cake.  And of course everyone sang to me again!  Have I mentioned that I hate being the center of attention.  I quickly blew out the candle and thanked everyone – again lovely singing voices everyone.

My own special cake

My birthday also made me kind of sad too…Looking back at last year, who would have ever thought that this would happen to me?  I’m trying not to dwell on this too much.  Instead, I’m hoping that this is a quick year and I’ll be happy and healthy when I turn 32.  Still, hands down, my best/favorite birthday was May 1, 2004!  What was your favorite birthday?

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