“A Shore Cure”

This past Saturday, I walked in New York City for Revlon’s Entertainment Industry’s Walk for Women’s Cancers.  What a great event.  The walk, which was about 3 miles (although I think they cut the last mile short) started in Times Square and ended in Central Park.  My mom, her friend Gerri, and I joined my friend Cristen’s team, “A Shore Cure.”  Cristen started the team with 4 members 7 years ago after her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Since then, she has watched her mom go through breast cancer as well as other family and friends face cancer.  The team has grown significantly and I think she recruited over 30 participants this year.  She’s truly an inspiration to the cause. 

My mom asked Cristen why she chose the Revlon walk as opposed to so many of the other great causes out there.  Cristen had a great response.  First, the walk supports all women’s cancers, not just breast cancer and secondly 100% of all funds raised go to finding a cure or supporting cancer efforts.  Other charity walks/runs/events may use as much as 30% of the donations to hire celebrities and actually put on the event, but the Revlon walk’s celebrities all do it for free and because they care about the cause. 

I signed up about 3 weeks before the walk and raised $420.00 – thank you to all the friends and family that supported me.  

After the walk, there was an expo in Central Park with free goodies and giveaways: flavored water, mini Lara bars, Cascadian Farm organic cereal, Pop chips, and cupcakes (YUM).  We visited the expo for a bit and then walked to Rockefeller Center.  Our team met for lunch at Rock Center Cafe (literally right down by the ice rink).  Cristen’s husband is some kind of manager/director at that restaurant and he hooked us up. 

Here is our team picture on the ice rink…I’m in pink on the bottom right holding the banner, my mom is in pink behind me and Cristen is sitting on the ground in front of me holding a kid.  (oops…my mom & I didn’t know that Cristen was having team shirts made, so my mom’s friend went ahead and had pink team shirts made just for us, so that is why we don’t match the other team members). 

2011 Team: A Shore Cure

 I’m really happy that I decided to join the team and get my butt up to New York City on Saturday.  Plus, since my birthday was on Sunday, I was able to enjoy some time with my family.  I’m not big on my own birthday celebrations, so I was really embarassed when the lights flickered after lunch, out came the candles and everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to me.  What a nice gesture, but I’m truly uncomfortable having the spotlight on me – at least they were all good singers. 

Well, my mom is already convinced that she wants to do this walk next year.  Perhaps, we’ll be able to recruit more team members!

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2 Responses to “A Shore Cure”

  1. Jennifer Milam says:

    Good cause, good that you felt like participating, good day in NYC with your Mom and friends and a great picture!

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