Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

Ok blog readers, remember how Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)denied us coverage for all of my IVF procedures.  Well, Bri and I finally got around to writing our appeal.  It took us about 1 month to put together our letter and supporting documentation.  We included one letter from Dr. Kovalevsky and one from Dr. Biggs.  I was really impressed with Dr. Kovalevsky’s letter, but a little disappointed with Dr. Biggs’ letter.  I thought he should have stressed the urgency in this matter and include more medical terminology about chemo and its effects on fertility.  Instead, he just wrote that BCBS should consider my appeal.  Oh well. 

Now, BCBS has 90 days to respond.  Seeing as all costs could easily add up to us buying a small new car, keep your fingers crossed.  We were fortunate enough to have 2 loving and generous people offer us an interest free loan, but I would still rather fight for what we feel we deserve and not have to worry about paying people back.

Our letter stressed that cancer patients only have one chance to preserve their fertility and it has to happen before chemo.  We also cited the Cytoxan (one of my chemo drugs) puts me at high risk for infertility (according to  I had also read an article in the Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics and used some of the article’s points in our letter.  The article basically said that states had to consider changing their definitions and requirements of infertility to include cancer patients who need to go through chemo. 

Even if BCBS approves our appeal, this will continue to be a subject I feel strongly about.  I recently saw a forum post on the Young Survivor’s Coalition that there are movements in California to have fertility preservation covered for cancer patients.  It seems to be a no brainer to me.  Who knows, maybe someday I’ll have the energy I’ll get into all the politics of this arena and advocate for a change in the Delaware/Maryland area?  Until then, I hope that other young cancer patients do not let the costs involved with IVF influence their decision to seek fertility preservation.

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4 Responses to Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

  1. Aunt Patti says:

    Let’s keep out fingers crossed and hope they can see the logic in approving your claim. In spite of all the years I worked in insurance, I will never understand some of the claims they deny. We will keep hoping and praying for a good outcome!!

  2. amylynn says:

    Dr. Kovalevsky is the best! Prior to all this nonsense, we too had to use a fertility doctor. He is very caring and he will do whatever takes to get you covered. I have also worked closely with BCBS and appeals if there is anything I can do for you let me know. I have faith they will reverse their descision, I have seen them do the right thing numerous times. If you need a partner in advocating for what is right, I am right here.


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