Oh boy, Bri and I were really bad this week.  We’ve mentioned it in passing, but this week we actually started real hard-core researching.  In reality, we’re just daydreaming, which is what makes this so bad!

When all of this breast cancer crap is over, we NEED a vacation.  So, this week we found ourselves online looking at everything from destinations to hotels, flight prices, and even side excursions.  We’re basically torturing ourselves.  I’ve dubbed our eventual getaway a “cele-bracation”…aka a celebratory vacation.  Aside from eventually finishing cancer treatments, we do have 2 other things to celebrate this year: me completing my MBA and our 5 year wedding anniversary. 

Sadly, there’s no way we can swing a vacation in 2011.  Bri is saving all his vacation days so he can be by my side for each and every doctor’s appointment and I’m not traveling without my real hair.  I just don’t want to fuss with head wraps and wigs while on vacation.  I want to feel my real hair blow in wind or get so hot that I have to pull it up in a ponytail. 

However, we’re hopeful that 2012 will be a great year, that my hair will grow fast and that we’ll find ourselves sipping fruity cocktails on some Caribbean island.  For now, we’ll just keep daydreaming!  And of course, just thinking about being on a beach somewhere with clear blue water always makes me reminisce about past vacations. 

2006: Our honeymoon in St. Thomas

2007: Mexico for my brother's wedding

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3 Responses to Daydreaming

  1. Aunt Patti says:

    Save a few days around March 10th!!

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