1 More to Go

Thursday, April 14 – I completed my third round of chemo.  I now officially have 1 more to go.  #3 was definitely the easiest and most uneventful treatment so far. 

I started with my blood work and then I was back in Dr. Biggs’ office in no time.  I gained 3 pounds, but I seriously think it may have been water weight.  In an effort to have good IV veins, I drank 60 ounces of water, 30 ounces of veggie juice, and about 16 ounces of coffee all in about 3 hours before my treatment.  That is a lot of fluid. 

I was very talkative and smiley during my appointment with Dr. Biggs.  I had a few questions to get answered, but I was still just rambling away.  First, can I take medications for seasonal allergies?  Yes.  Second, should I go ahead with the 3rd round of my hep B vaccine?  Probably not and I may have to restart the series (boo).  Third, when do I start radiation?  Well, after I finish chemo, I’ll meet again with my radiation oncologist and probably start radiation sometime the end of May/beginning of June.  The P.A. said that some patients try to take a vacation in between their last chemo treatment and the start of radiation.  Ah, if only.  Even if we could do a vacation, one of my requirements for going on vacation is that I want to have my hair back, which lead me to my next question…Fourth, when will my hair start to grow back?  Hopefully sometime in July and I might even have hair by Christmas time!

Back in the treatment room, some of the very nice nurses sat next to me and talked to me.  And again, I was smiley and just talking away.  I think I even made the nurses giggle as I started talking about all the goose poop outside – and I think Bri was wondering if I had taken something that morning. 

It is amazing to look back at my 1st treatment and think how scared I was.  I think Bri was impressed.  I was very calm and confident this time around – I signed myself in, found a window seat, and just settled in for a few hours of my cocktail.  In order to prevent a reaction, they added Zantac into my IV, which is an additional histamine.  So, with the Zantac and the Benadryl, I was groggy.  But there were no reactions and NO tears.  We were out of there by 1:00 PM or so, which was at least a full hour and a half earlier than normal. 

We stopped for sandwiches on our way home and then settled in for some nap time on the couch.  No other real updates from that day, just glad that it is over and done.

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3 Responses to 1 More to Go

  1. Courtney says:

    i love this post. after the third time of anything, it’s weird how it can be kinda normal, even if it was something was so scary and nerve wracking to begin with. Here’s hoping that #4 is easy, too! congrats on #3.

    now, word on the street is that you got 75 high-fives for being 75% done… so, was your hand sore? did you have to switch hands half way? alternate every 15 or so? inquiring minds want to know!!! 🙂

    • Alexis says:

      oh – I totally forgot to mention that it in the post. We tried, but I think last count, we only made it to 28 or so 😦 I guess, it was kind of hard to keep up with it when the IV was in my right arm. Next time, maybe 100 high fives!!!

  2. Aunt Patti says:

    Yay! You’re almost done!! Keep your eyes on the finish line!!

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