Competition = Motivation

Wednesday morning I received the following text from Bri: “5k=26:30!!  Keen-wah!!”  The translation here is that Bri ran 3.1 miles that morning in 26 minutes 30 seconds and perhaps it might be due to the previous night’s dinner of quinoa (pronounced keenwah).  I responded with: “That’s awesome sir speedy pants.” 

My running comeback is still hard, but I have just discovered a new motivator…competition.  This is odd for me, because in general I’m not a very competitive or jealous type of person.  But on the days that I’ve been zonked out on the couch with little or no motivation, I also find myself jealous of those around me doing normal stuff (primarily of Bri since he’s in my immediate vicinity).

So, Saturday I had a good (ish) run.  Since it was too windy and chilly for me early in the day, I settled on a treadmill run and busted out 4.75 miles.  Of course this was broken down into a run/walk combo and my longest distance of running without a walking break (since February) was 2.0 miles.  But I was still pleased.  Monday turned out to be a gorgeous day and I was hoping for a great outdoor run.  I even went to my favorite spot – Creek Road.  I was really disappointed because I just couldn’t seem to get into a groove.  I ran for a total of 35 minutes with a few walking breaks, but I was really lethargic and just not feeling it. 

I was feeling slow and sluggish on Wednesday too, but I kept thinking about Bri’s text.  Hello competition!  I headed to the gym and ran my own 5k in 28:16.  I was super happy that I didn’t have to take a walking break and even happier that I beat my own mini time goal (29 minutes).  So feel free to text or email me your latest accomplishments.  It will either make me jealous, or really motivate me to get off my butt and get moving – hopefully the latter.

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2 Responses to Competition = Motivation

  1. Milinda R. Atallian says:

    Hey there,
    Well, I won’t put my running times out there for you to know.. let’s just say I am a jogger, not a runner. But, I get the miles in and done, and that’s what “does it for me”. I will however challenge you to two things.
    One, take a look at the races2run calender. Pick a race sometime over the next stretch of time… when you are done w/ your treatments, and I promise to meet you there and run it as well. Now, I may not be able to keep up w/ you … seriously… but, I will run it knowing that you are there, healthy, able and taking each step towards your goal time. .. once you’ve done that, we can move onto a Ten Miler I know a few good ones and then onto the Half…. you can do it!
    Two, once your done w/ that…. and I’ve met you for the run of your choice… you need to bring your butt into one of my Spin classes, so I can take you for a Survivor ride.
    Keep on moving forward, you are doing great!

    • Alexis says:

      Thanks Milinda…as much as you’re scared to post running times, I’d be more afraid to take your/a spin class. However, if I can get through cancer, I’m sure I’d could get through spinning. Where do you teach? And I’m always on, so I’ll let you know if I find a good run in the near future.

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