A Rough Few Days

Before I went in for my second chemo treatment, I reminded myself that at least I would know what to expect this time.  Despite this knowledge, I still had a rough few days. 

If you consider my treatment day as day 1, then days 3 – 5 after my first treatment were the most difficult days and days 4 – 6 after my second treatment were the hardest for that round.  Each time, there was a solid 2 days of complete exhaustion and zero motivation.  But at least this second time around, I knew I would bounce back. 

So after Thursday’s treatment, I felt fine and continued to feel good on Friday and throughout most of the day on Saturday.  In fact, on Saturday, I did a bunch of stuff.  We went to Starbucks (yum to iced chai tea lattes), Kohls (got more Kohls cash), the library, and even out to dinner.  Going out to dinner, or should I say my dinner selection was probably not my best decision.  Once again, I found myself craving hamburgers and something spicy.  This is so weird for me.  So, we just went to Chilis and I indulged in their mini jalapeno sliders with crispy onion rings.  I did try to make up for this and ordered a side of brocoli as well.  Overall, the meal tasted good and I was feeling okay, but it definitely wasn’t worth the splurge.

We did our usual routine Sunday morning, but then I was on the couch by noon – and stayed there.  Meanwhile, Bri was zipping around the house cleaning everything and doing loads and loads of laundry.  I tried to make him relax, but he just kept going and I was starting to feel really guilty (and lazy).  At 5pm, Bri told me it was time to get off the couch.  He made me get dressed and take a walk with him and Jessie.  This is exactly what he did after my first chemo round and it was exactly what I needed.  Yeah Bri!  No matter how rough I’m feeling, I always seem to feel good if I get fresh air. 

Sassy and I made it into work on Monday, but again I was just so tired and dragging through my day.  Plus, I was still having some tummy issues so things were just uncomfortable.  Tuesday morning was not nice to me.  I had a work meeting at 9am and had to call my coworker to fill in for me.  I did make it in by 9:30, but I didn’t start to feel right until the afternoon.   

Thankfully by Wednesday, I was on the upswing and could feel myself coming out of my slump.  While we were eating dinner (mine salted heavily), Bri told me it had been awhile since he’d seen me smile so much and he could tell just by looking in my eyes that I was back on track.  Awesome. 

So, I’m not back 100%, but I’m feeling good.  Things still taste like crap!  However, despite this, I feel like I’m eating A LOT.  In fact, I might be getting a little pudgy.  I feel like I’m just grazing throughout the day – trying bits and pieces of everything I can get my hands on and just hoping it tastes good, ugh!  Unfortunately, I’m having a strong aversion to fruit.  What?  I love fruit!  I can handle fruit only in smoothies right now.  I am really glad that I’m not going through chemo during the summer because I would really hate to miss out on peach season! 

When I’m having rough days, I seriously think the words written on this woman’s hat.  So, I sincerely apologize for the expletive here (especially to the family that reads this)…but a friend sent me this picture and it honestly sums up every cancer patients thoughts!  So, here – have a laugh and sorry about the f* bomb!

The words on her hat describe every cancer patient's thoughts perfectly!

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3 Responses to A Rough Few Days

  1. amyreinink says:

    I LOVE that the f— cancer woman made an appearance here! Also, I love picturing you wolfing down mini jalapeno sliders with crispy onion rings. Hilarious! In all seriousness, though, we’ve learned through Steve’s mom that the most important nutritional goal through chemo is to keep one’s weight up … all other nutrition goals are secondary. In other words, whatever works!

    • The cancer woman rules, so of course she needed to make an appearance…and yes, not my finest moment w/the sliders – but I did only eat half of the entree though 🙂
      Can’t get rid of my meat cravings – although I am trying to stick w/ground turkey instead of beef.

  2. Milinda R. Atallian says:

    I LOVE this woman’s hat! Hang in there w/ the yucky days…. and keep focusing on the good ones. You are doing great, keep your fists up, keep swinging, and keep moving forward.

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