I’m Bald (almost), But Still Beautiful

Shaving my head was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I was getting a little nervous about 2 hours prior, but after meeting one of BFF’s in the parking lot of my salon, all my nerves disappeared.  I do have great friends – who naturally turn something that might not be so fun into a total party.

Amy was scheduled to pick her husband up from BWI at 8PM, so she decided to just drive a little farther north and meet me.  Her husband requested that she drive “Fast Eddy” so his skis could fit on the ski racks.  Who’s “Fast Eddy”?  He’s a super awesome 1989 Honda with over 200 miles, and tinted windows.  Amy and Fast Eddy pulled up next to my car in the parking lot and I jumped in to meet her.  And of course she had party supplies.  Amy made me the most adorable (and healthy) dark chocolate brownie cupcakes with pink ribbons on them.  She also had a Tupperware container of brandy soaked fruit waiting to be mixed into sangria.  Amy reached behind her in the back seat and pulled out some ginger ale, the fruit, a plastic pitcher, and the leftover (lady) Gaga rose wine from our wig shopping extravaganza.  She had ran into Dunkin Donuts to bum some plastic cups and ice and she proceeded to make us some sangria.  We sat in her car all ghetto style drinking sangria while we waited for Bri, Jessie (yes, my dog witnessed this event), his parents, and Rachel to show up.  Thanks Amy – how fun was that?

After Rachel arrived and opened up the salon (its closed on Mondays), everything moved along really fast.  Bri took some pictures and Rachel got right to work with the clippers.  It was definitely weird, but I wasn’t sad.  I repeatedly said, “this is crazy.”  I chose to have my back to the mirror but kept reaching for a hand-held mirror to check my progress.  She started with just one side and we took some pictures – I kind of had a punk/rock star look.  Then she did the opposite side so I just had a small pile of hair in the center (I could have made an awesome mo-hawk).  And then she slowly just kept going.  I actually have more head on my hair than I anticipated – about a 1/2 inch total.  But even these short pieces are starting to fall out.  When I first looked at myself with all of my hair gone, I said “Oh no!  I look like my brother!”  Everyone else disagreed with me, but I still think I look like him (actually I probably have more hair than him right now).  I’m comfortable though and not embarrassed at all.  This is my life and I know its only temporary.  Thankfully, I have really thick hair that grows fast so I am confident that I’ll be back to normal.  One thing that is crazy is how cold my head gets.  I am totally sympathetic to my husband and any other bald dudes out there.

After having several requests, I posted some pictures on Facebook, but here’s the same pictures for those who don’t follow me on Facebook.  By the way my Facebook photo album is titled “My secret is out – I’m not really a blond.” And its true.  I have naturally light brown hair that I have spruced up with blond highlights.  I am picking up Sassy (my wig) on Friday and will try to post more pictures.


Blonde and longish hair (for me) 2 days after my diagnosis: Thanksgiving 2010

March 5, 2011: Short and still blondish

March 21, 2011: Side view

March 21, 2011: It's all gone! And it's dark!

Amy and her punk rock friend!

I hope you all enjoyed these pictures and my little story.  Don’t feel sorry for me – shaving my head was truly the best decision I made.  It was actually quite an empowering experience.  I don’t feel completely comfortable rocking an uncovered head in public, but I do walk around the house uncovered.  I also have such cute lil head scarves to sport right now until I pick up Sassy.  I’ll also probably use headscarves when I’m not comfortable or too hot to step out with Sassy and I’ve been using bandanas when I work out. .
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4 Responses to I’m Bald (almost), But Still Beautiful

  1. amyreinink says:

    Love you, and am so glad I could be there for the party! It was Fast Eddy’s finest day ever! xoxo

  2. AndreAnna says:

    You look awesome! Like a sassy confident woman!

  3. Heather McCullough says:

    Thank you for sharing. I am shaving my head this weekend and reading your story made me feel better about the decision!

    • Glad this post made you feel better! Good luck with your head shave this weekend – it is kind of a liberating experience. I walk around my house uncovered all the time and feel very comfortable 🙂

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