Where Have I Been?

No updates in over a week because there’s just been too much going on. 

I had created a hefty to-do list before chemo and Bri helped me tackle it.  The list mostly revolved around my crazy need to de-germify our house.  I was starting to get stressed that things were not getting done and my mom laughed at me.  She said that the last place I had to worry about picking up germs was our house and that if I did pick anything up, it would probably be from the outside.  I let that sink in and agreed to let things slide and enjoy all the fun stuff on our calendar.

Feb. 26 – 27:  I ventured to NJ by myself to watch my brother, sister – in- law, and my cousin’s husband jump into the frigid waters of the Atlantic Ocean.  This was a fun day and I got to spend a much-needed weekend with my family.  Unfortunately, Bri had to work that Saturday, so he missed out on all the fun.  Sunday morning, I squeezed in a breakfast date with Jen and the most adorable 8 month old baby boy! 

March 1 – 3:  A whirlwind of days visiting with our family from afar.  Courtney and the kiddies were visiting from the Netherlands so we had a few fun nights hanging out and playing.  We got to meet our new niece, Cara, and spend time with Owen and Louisa.  My favorite quote of the visit came from Louisa as she seriously told me that I can’t be a princess because I wear jeans.  Well, then I’ll have to look to her for fashion advice and embrace all things sparkly.  Although I was completely exhausted each night of our visits, there is something about hanging out with kids that can make you forget about all your problems.  It was a good dose of therapy. 

Speaking of therapy, I may have mentioned here that I’ve been meeting regularly with a therapist.  I’m keeping my sessions private, except for my past visit.  Dr. Simonelli taught me some great relaxation techniques.  I do not know how to relax and turn my mind off, so she first taught me some deep breathing exercises.  This involves filling your abdomen with air rather than sucking in.  Once I mastered deep breathing, we moved onto some imagery exercises.  I actually allowed myself to focus on these techniques and left her office feeling so relaxed that I was ready for a nap!  The hope is that I’ll be able to use these techniques to calm myself down and relax.  Courtney also showed me how she meditates.  I have never even been able to do yoga, but I’m at the point where I’ll try anything.

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One Response to Where Have I Been?

  1. amyreinink says:

    I’ve been trying to meditate, too, with varying results … will be interested in hearing how your visualization exercises and mindfulness work out!

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