The Aftermath

The first few hours after my treatment, I was surprised at how good I was feeling.  I was a little tired, but it was manageable.  Our friend’s work foundation was having a Mardi Gras themed fundraiser at a local bar.  Our plans were up in the air, but we decided to stop by for an hour or 2.  We ate some of Mrs. Keane’s vegetable crab soup beforehand and it tasted great.

Once we were at the bar, I felt fine.  It was good to see some friends we haven’t seen in a while and to actually feel like a normal person doing normal things.  After guzzling my water and watching others enjoy themselves, I decided I was done and we left by 9:00 PM.  We also had a few things lined up for Saturday and I didn’t want to push myself too much.

In order to make the inevitable hair loss easier on myself, I decided to chop my hair off.  Bri loves short hair so he had no problem with this.  I’ve had my hair short before too, so I was comfortable with my new do.  After that, we ran 2 short errands and we were home by 3:00 PM or so.  There was no real side effects that day other than things were starting to taste funny.

I ate a banana while out running errands and it just didn’t taste good (and I love bananas).  My tongue felt like I had burned it really bad and just couldn’t taste anything.  Things were starting to taste chalky.  I allowed myself a date with the couch for the rest of the day.  By the evening I was starving and craving a hamburger.  What?  I never eat hamburgers.  I was afraid that if I went out to get one, it just wouldn’t taste right, so I stuck with leftover crab soup.  At least I knew I could taste the Old Bay seasoning in the soup.  Everything I have read about taste changes, recommends that you season your foods heavily to help bring out the flavors.  So, I’m opting for foods with big and bold flavors.

Overall, I was surprised at how well I was doing and was hoping it would continue.  I was mainly just annoyed with my taste buds at this point.

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