25% Done!

The faster I get started, the sooner I’ll be done.  That thought consumes me lately.  I thought I was mentally and physically prepared for Friday, but apparently I was wrong.

As soon as I walked into the waiting room at Dr. Biggs’, the tears started flowing.  I still couldn’t believe that I was there.  We learned a trick the night before from Eleanor Repole and so Bri turned the conversation to Halloween.  It has been determined that if we dress up in 2011, we most definitely have to dress up as super heroes.  I proposed Superman and Superwoman (Bri is not looking forward to tights)!

Before I could start my treatment, I had to have some blood work, so that was first up.  No problems there – I guess I’m getting used to being poked.  I was happy that they wrapped me up in pink tape to match my pink shirt.  Then we met with Dr. Biggs.  No real news there.  He reviewed the possible side effects and we also discussed my insurance denial for IVF.  Dr. Biggs agreed to write us a letter to help support our case.

And before I knew it, we were back in the treatment room.  I had been chugging water the entire night before and all morning to ensure that I had good veins.  Needless to say, I was in need of a restroom at least once an hour, but I was determined to have good veins.  In the treatment room, I picked out my recliner and sunk into it, and the tears immediately started flowing.  I couldn’t help it.  I was the youngest person in the room and I just didn’t feel that I belonged there.  I also cried because I felt that it was so unfair that Bri had to sit there and watch me go through this.  Actually, I’ve cried a lot because of what he has to put up with.  And at this point, Bri agreed to be a superhero (tights and all).  People who were obviously accustomed to the drill were passing their time by watching movies, napping, or just hanging with their visitor.

One of the nurses came by and started my IV.  I warned her that she couldn’t let me see anything.  Nothing is done ahead of time, so we had to wait a while for my cocktail to be mixed.  After a short period of time they started anti-nausea medicine into my IV followed by Benadryl.  I definitely felt the Benadryl and started to feel drowsy.  A short while passed and then they started my first round – Taxotere.  This would last about an hour total.  Everything felt cold going in me and it was slightly unpleasant, but overall not that bad.  I managed to use the restroom with one hand so I wouldn’t have to unwrap my arm and see my IV.  It was quite an ordeal.

I dictated Tweets to Bri while I sat in the recliner.  Overall, it was not that exciting and I’m not sure I’ll Tweet again during my next round.  I was comfortable in my recliner and just tried to focus and relax.  Unfortunately, I was staring right at a wall clock, just watching time tick by.  My chemo bag was packed with things to keep me busy (book, DVD, laptop), but I lost interest easily.  I read 1 chapter of my book, browsed Facebook, and then just tried to close my eyes.  Bri played around on the laptop and wished he had brought lunch (it’s on our list for next time).

Overall, I felt fine, but just not happy.  When Taxotere was done, the Cytoxan bag was hooked up and I only had a half hour to go.  Again, I was just staring at the wall clock.  Finally, it was over.  We grabbed all of our things and hurried out of there, so happy I’m 25% done!

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3 Responses to 25% Done!

  1. Aunt Patti says:

    A quarter of the way done! That is a great way to look at it!

  2. Aunt Patti says:

    And just for the record, I think Bri will look cute in tights!

  3. amyreinink says:

    Hang in there, sweet girl! This attitude: “The faster I get started, the sooner I’ll be done …” already makes you a superhero in my book!

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