Crazy Medicine Training

So, I have mentioned a bunch of times that I am completely amazed with all of this IVF stuff.  Well, each time I go into the Reproductive Associates office, I continue to be amazed.  It is a crazy process that is precisely calculated to make sure the eggs are retrieved at the precise time of maturation. 

On Tuesday, Bri and I went into the office for our official medicine training.  We brought all our medicine and Bri learned how to do all my injections.  For now, I get a little reprieve from being stuck!  Starting Thursday, I have to start taking Letrozole which is a tiny tiny tablet I take orally (thank god).  The Letrozole has something to do with keeping my estrogen levels down since my cancer is ER+.  Then on Friday, Bri and I both start taking Doxycycl, which is an antibiotic to make sure we both don’t get infections or pass anything back and forth to each other.  Also starting on Friday, I have to get 2 shots!  Ugh.  One is a Follistim injection and the other is called low dose HCG.  Both shots go in the belly.  On Monday, I start going in to the office for daily blood work and an ultrasound.  I also get to start a third shot on Monday. 

The nurse practitioner gave us a ton of paperwork and instructions to take home after our training.  However, I’m still really nervous that we might forget something.  So, I made a little chart to check off every medicine each day in hopes that we follow the program precisely.  There are possible similar side effects with all these meds as the Lupron had:  hot flashes and mood swings.  I think I may have had one short-lived hot flash, but I don’t know for sure if it was truly a hot flash. 

Funny thing about this appointment – I saw someone I knew in the waiting room.  She waived and we said hello prior to her checking in and then she sat with her husband on the other side of the waiting room.  I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to go over and talk.  Men and women being treated in this kind of practice are there for very personal reasons and I did not want to pry.  In the end, I decided to just stay put and continue reading my magazine.

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