Buona Sera!

A mere two days after completing my last graduate course, I received a flyer in my work mailbox.  The flyer was announcing the 2011 Faculty and Staff Foreign Language Program.  I’ve received a similar flyer in the past, but always discarded it because I was too busy with my credit classes.  Not this time.  Despite all the craziness going on in my life, I do have some free time to fill up.  Bri can also take the course so I quickly texted him and called him to try and convince (beg) him to join me.  Not successful. 

So, on February 21st, I’m starting a fun non-credit low pressure Italian I class.  The good thing is that if stuff does get too crazy, I can just drop it with no fear of losing credits or having to sign up again. 

Thankfully, I’ve been preparing for this class without even knowing it.  In case you’re wondering, “buona sera“, means “good night” in Italian.  And Friday nights have become great nights in our house!  Some other Milams came up with the brilliant idea that Friday is pizza night and even sent us an awesome (and easy) dough recipe.  So, for the last several months, Friday is also pizza night at our house.  Actually, we call it our Pizza Party.  Whoever gets home first starts the dough and we have really gone crazy with some creative toppings.  My recent favorite is a whole wheat crust with a simple white sauce, fresh spinach, tomato slices, grilled chicken, and mozzarella.  YUM!

Bri also had the brillant idea that we needed a Pizza Party Playlist!  How fun.  So I spent an evening searching “Italian dinner music” or “Pizza Party” music on Itunes.  The result is a great medley of fun and upbeat music to put us in the Italian Pizza Party spirit.  Our playlist includes some great classics like:

  • That’s Amore
  • Mambo Italiano
  • Angelina
  • Eh Cumpari
  • Tango del Vino
  • Beyond the Sea
  • Volare
  • Tarantella
  • L.O.V.E (also think Ferris Buehler’s Day Off)

So, come Friday nights you’ll probably find us dancing around the kitchen and enjoying this weekly ritual!

P.S. Pictures and possibly a video coming soon!

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