Class of 2011

Have you noticed anything different on my “Life List” page?  Look closely and you’ll see that another item has been checked off. 

I officially finished all of my graduate course work!  My last class was an easy breezy elective – Small Business Development and Management.  The entire class was one big project – I had to work with a team to develop and present a business plan.   Our presentation ( Blue Hen Winery Presentation ) had to be geared towards potential (fake) investors.  We chose to start a winery and quickly realized that it would never work given the amount of money we would have to borrow.  So, we made some assumptions and made our pitch to a wealthy friend.  First, we assumed that our wine enthusiast friend had inherited a large piece of property with an old barn that we could use for our wine making and tasting room.  Second, we also assumed that the same friend had also inherited a large sum of money and just wanted to make a good enough return on his investment to pay the taxes on the property.  We were the last group to present that night and as we stood up at 9:30 PM, students were already starting to doze off.  I don’t blame them as that could have easily been me. 

I am proud of myself and glad that it is over.  But I am now left wondering what I will do with all my spare time.  Yikes. 

I had to mail in my “Application for Advanced Degree” the other day.  I posed a question to the Facebook world asking for suggestions on how my name should read on my diploma.  After debating with myself for several days, I finally decided on “Alexis Albanese Milam.”  Yes, I started the degree as a Milam, but my diploma from my undergraduate degree says “Albanese” so I kind of wanted things to match up. 

People keep asking me if I’m going to have a party or celebrate.  And the answer is yes and no.  Nothing is planned in the immediate future.  Graduation is Memorial Day Weekend.  I have a ceremony on May 27 just for my program’s graduates.  There is a huge ceremony for all graduates on May 28, but I’ll skipping that to hopefully live it up and “party” at our Fair Hill Tailgate Party!

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