Nutrition Analysis

January 25th = Appointment Day!  Nutritionist and follow – up with Dr. Biggs.

On January 24, my parents drove down from NJ after work.  I was meeting with my grad class group until about 8 pm ish and so Bri was left to entertain them until I got home.

I know this sounds silly, but I kind of felt guilty for asking my parents to take time off work and drive down here just for 2 appointments.  I know they would do anything for me (and vice versa), but it just felt like a lot of driving for them in such a short period of time.  Plus, I worry about my parents driving after work and being tired.  But I’m really happy my mom was here with me.  Monday night – well she had to watch the Bachelor and I got sucked into it as well.  Ugh.  Bri and I went up to bed around 10:30 or so.  He was really surprised that I wasn’t “crazy Alexis.”  That is what he calls me when I’m really stressed or nervous.  When “crazy Alexis” emerges I tend to snap at people and have little fits of cleaning or trying to have everything organized/ready to go.  I was also surprised at my calmness.

8:30 AM – My first appointment of the day was with a nutritionist named Martha.  Bri went to work early and so just mom and I went to this appointment.  Prior to meeting with her, I had submitted a 3 day food diary of everything I ate or drank.  When I arrived for the appointment, she took my height and weight (still only 5’1 tall).  Then she continue to review the analysis of my food diary.  She felt that my calorie intake was right where it should be given my activity levels.  However, I was really surprised (even a little embarrassed/disgusted).  I was averaging 2,000 +/- calories a day!  I honestly thought I was more in the 1,500 – 1,700 range.  And my average fat intake seemed high (even though it’s the good fats that I mostly eat).  Martha didn’t recommend it, I think I may focus on cutting out some calories.  Overall, she was impressed with how healthily I eat, but recommended that I try to incorporate different foods into my meals.  I am a creature of habit and literally eat the same thing for lunch everyday.  On the 3rd day of my food diary I had 2 glasses of wine with pizza night.  It was also recommended that I cut back on the wine.  I’m not sure that she had an accurate picture of my alcohol consumption.  Had I completed a 7 day diary, her analysis may have been different.  Other than special occasions, I typically only drink once a week: 2 – 3 glasses of wine on a weekend night.  Oh well, I guess I will have to think about her recommendation as there is a link between alcohol consumption and breast cancer.

Martha had a folder full of resources for me to take home.  Overall, I did not feel like I learned anything new about nutrition.  I know the food pyramid and understand the importance of a balanced diet with a mix of fruit, veggies, whole grains, proteins, blah blah blah.  It is not news to me.  Some of the pamphlets and articles did look interesting though.  When I go through chemo, I may have different reactions such as loss/gain in appetite, mouth sores, fatigue, etc.  Martha gave me nutritional tips on how to combat all of these side effects and make sure I nourish my body to keep my white blood cell counts high.  I especially liked the smoothie chart she gave me.  It was just a chart with different ideas on foods to incorporate into smoothies to increase my protein and calorie intakes if need be.  Some of the things, I had never even thought of putting in a smoothie.  I might have to hang that on my refrigerator!

I am glad I met with the nutritionist, but do not see an immediate need to return.

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