Thank You!

As I have said a million times before, I feel so lucky to have such wonderful friends and family supporting me through this rough patch.  I hate to imagine that there are women who do not have special people in their life to turn to.  I have received countless emails, phone calls, kind gestures, cards, and gifts!  Yes, I been the lucky recipient of gross amounts of gifts lately.  And each one was so thoughtful. 

The day after we announced our news to close friends, I came home to find the most awesome floral arrangement on our front steps.  And that was just the start of everything.  Since then, I have received a boat load more:

  • Really yummy meals (some soup even got stocked in our freezer)
  • A subscription to People magazine that came with a really cool free tote bag (Bri was thrilled about me having another tote)
  • Philosophy’s Amazing Grace shampoo/body wash, body butter, and body spray
  • Super soft and comfy pajamas
  • A soft throw blanket
  • The set of Crazy Sexy Cancer books
  • Hallmark’s Christmas tree ornament supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure
  • Cooking for Chemo book
  • Uno
  • A basket filled with tea, chocolates, a candle, and a mug
  • Beaded bracelet with breast cancer ribbons
  • Plant from Kirks
  • Organic teas
  • Cafe Gelato gift card
  • Another set of shampoos and bodywash and a loofah
  • Funny videos and emails

So, it’s not all these gifts that I was showcasing, rather the thoughtfulness and generosity of those around me.  I am truly amazed and I couldn’t be more grateful.  Probably, the most surprising “gift” was given to me on New Year’s Eve.  All of our friends at the Weaver Christmas party had pitched in and made a generous donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure in my name.  How special is that!  It was definitely hard to fight back the tears.  I think I have been spoiled enough.   

Thank you everyone for picking up the phone, answering emails, and sending good old fashioned snail mail.   I hope no one else I know ever confronts this situation or finds themselves in poor health.

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