Party Time

Happy New Year

“Party Time” is probably not a title that one would expect to see when reading this blog!  But, I’m trying to celebrate each little glimmer of hope that comes my way.  And for the record, someday I do plan on having a big party! 

The holidays are usually filled with a lot of celebrations, but this year we had a lot more to be thankful for.  My party was not focused on tasty treats, brimming wine glasses, or shiny shiny presents (although some of that stuff was consumed/enjoyed).  Rather, my party was a week that I gave myself to just feel relieved and let myself relax. 

Christmas was definitely crazy, but I enjoy the craziness.  My week off between Christmas and New Year’s was usually spent cleaning out closets, organizing stuff, running errands and going full speed trying to accomplish as much as possible.  Nope, not this year!  Instead, I let myself sleep in, enjoy some couch time reading new books, enjoy lunch with a friend, and browse the after Christmas sales. 

We were supposed to find out the results of my BRCA1/2 test on December 27.  Well, instead we found out that my insurance had not approved the test – as they usually do.  Anyway, my genetic counselor was having a hard time completing the appeal process due to holiday closings for different offices.  On December 23, a representative from Myriad (the company in Utah that does the test) called me.  She told me that the test had not been started and would only be started if they received the authorization code from my insurance company or if I agreed to be put on a payment plan.  I told her to hold off until we exhausted all of our efforts with the insurance company.  My generous mother called me on December 28 and told me she was mailing me a blank check because we needed to get this started.  I told her to hold off and once again said, let’s just make sure we do everything in our power to get my insurance to cover this.  December 29 – it’s time to celebrate again!  My genetic counselor called to tell me that my insurance company accepted the appeal and that she was sending Myriad the authorization code to get started.  Although, I do not like waiting around, I was once again relieved. 

And it’s time to keep celebrating – Happy New Year!

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One Response to Party Time

  1. amyreinink says:

    What great news! Good for you for being persistent—stuff like this is the reason you have insurance, and it’s good you were able to remind your insurance company of that fact.

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